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by  [mail] 2002-02-21 09:07:26 [3805]
Hey, looks like I stumbled bach home... twice! What am I talking about?

Home #1 ) I remember finding SITO a couple/few years back and really loving it. I especially was into Gridcosm and used to check up on it all the time. These kind of sites are what make internet so amazing, and they are sadly hard to come accross. Somehow, I forgot SITO, and was only just today reminded of it through a random email link. Thank god.

Home #2) I have spent the last couple years living in beautiful Portland and I love it to death. Right now I am living in London (same weather but more wind!) and I have begun to miss the P-Town (not too much, this is fucking London!). I had no idea that so many of you are in Portland. Give my regards to Burnside. And I loooove Stumptown. I don't spend much time there ( I like the one on Belmont ) but I always buys bags of beans for my home. I have not found any coffee nearly as good here.

When I get back, I would love to get involved in some sort of collaboration with SITO. I am an electronic musician (click for sound: Comma, <>) and I want to begin playing out when I return. I am involved with local web/zine thing XOX ( <> well. Any aural contribution that I can make would do me nicely. Aslo help run this music collective (Metempsychosis - So Fresh So Clean <>).

Last but not least, I like to doodle and take pictures. Maybe some sort of freeform computer music doodle-fest is due at SITO eh?

Anyway, sorry this got so rediculously long-winded. After all these years, I am still working on that whole brevity thing that these sort of boards usually are all about. Thanks for reading, if you did. Keep being the really cool thing that you are.

See you some rainy day in Portland, Matt Wright

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