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by guest   2003-03-25 14:39:40 [6343]
The Gravity Reseach Program, GRP, based in Portland, Oregon and an outgrowth of the UFO Museum is Now active presenting its very latest discoveries. Come see how statistical analysis now proves that there are ample mirror images in the cosmos. Come see the latest astronomy photographs from VLT and other sources. No we are not sure exactly what the reflection planes are but they definately are reflecting with a twist as one sees rotated images over space and time.

We have an explanation for gravity and its cause and corrections for the average physics text book including the fact that light is never merely "reflected" but is first absorbed and then re-emmitted with some potential loss of energy to the reflecting surface. This is one small but very big chage to understanding observed phenomena.

One of the most exciting things discovered here was the CL2244-02 is not a gravity lens as reported but is an optical or super optical reflection off a reflecting plane that may also , itself be rotating in space and time. Artists are needed because they can help eye the reflection relationships where as physicists seem to be totally blind.

The Gravity Reseach Program is open only by appointment for the time being contact Lex Loeb at to come review our latest discoveries AND SEE IF YOU CAN HELP PUT THE PIECES TOGETHER. we are now re-mapping the entire known universe in the hope of finding a more simplified view of things by marking reflecting structures on the map. We are now nearly convinced that Andromeda gallaxy is the reflection of the milkyway given its proximity at a mere 2 million light years...which reduces to a mere 1 million light years each way if it is a reflection.


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