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The new face of HyGrid help: Viewing a discussion message
by Ed Stastny [oed SITOme] [email Ed Stastny] 2000-01-13 03:43:36 [65]
If you're familiar with the old HyGrid, you'll notice a lot of functional and cosmetic changes to this newer version. HyGrid is the first of the SITO projects to be moved from the old server (www) to the new server (oscar). We chose HyGrid as the first to move because of its complexity and age. It really hasn't changed drastically since its big Prix Ars award in 1996.

In working on HyGrid, a lot of new issues came up. Things we've been thinking about for a long time here at SITO. For one thing, we wanted to unify the two big SITO-user databases. That has become SUE (the SITO User Environment). Another thing, this Discussion area was hatched from the rowdy drunken late nights working on HyGrid. So, even years later, HyGrid continues to inspire much madness. Even if it is one of the more mindbendingly confusing pieces of collaborative work on the site.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to email me or post them here.

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