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Artist Jose A. Fadul

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[no subject] 130420
How Tektites ar.. 130209
Re: Pastor Noel.. 121208
Re: Dr. Merle C.. 120712
Dr. Merle C. Ta.. 120712
Re: Pride of th.. 101114
Pride of the Hu.. 101112
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Graffiti Portra.. 100624
Re: Epicity: th.. 100609
Epicity: the st.. 100609
Edmund Rosales 100307
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Re: chess molds 100225
chess molds 100216
Re: Chess Cooki.. 100216
Re: Chess Cooki.. 100216
Chess Cookies 100216
Gift of Fire 100130
Gift of Fire 100130
Re: Prometheus .. 100125
Dr. Mila Ibe 091208
Graffiti Portra.. 091123
Re: Prometheus .. 091117
Edmund Rosales 091106
Kite Therapy 090926
Re: Pastor Noel.. 090913
How Tektites ar.. 090530
Edmund Rosales 090527
Re: [no subject.. JAF/090411
Prometheus Boun.. 090319
Prometheus Boun.. 090319
[no subject] 090313
Dalaw 090227
Edmund Rosales 090226
Edmund Rosales 090226
Edmund Rosales 090226
Re: Pastor Noel.. 090210
Pastor Noel Esp.. 090204
Re: Rizal playi.. 090131
Rizal playing c.. 090131
Dalaw 090121
Rizal playing c.. 081019
Acquired Death .. 081018
Re: Rizal playi.. JAF/080926
Re: Rizal playi.. 080917
Rizal playing c.. 080917
Re: Self-Portra.. JAF/080909
Nabati 080909
Self-Portrait GIO/080906
Tampo LIP/080904
Tampo 080904
Tumulong sana a.. DEP/080827
The Immortal Ga.. 080815
The Immortal Ga.. UWI/080814
Re: Sabong JAF/080718
Sabong 080712
Re: Pride of th.. 080516
Re: Pride of th.. 070928
Pride of the Hu.. UWI/070912
Pride of the Hu.. 070912
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