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A Preview of "Mortality Vs. Immortality"

By: Derek K. Cumberbatch / dkc
Creator's Tags: full-length comic strip preview holiday-related foot fetish fantasy comic graphic
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Description: This is a preview of the penultimate episode of the 9th season of Blueworld Adventures/Blueworld & Beyond. Goldilocks(Goldie Ellen Locks) overheard Groundman AKA Grover Ravel asking Smokey the Genie to undo his wish of immortality; although Groundman is immortal, he's not so happy since he has to feel itchy footsteps within a 6-foot radius. But Smokey already told him that it can't be undone. So he cried, but his friends already cheered him up. After telling Goldilocks about it, she wanted to be immortal, too; but Groundman says that actually she could be the lucky one since living forever in misery is worse than dying.(What's the point in staying alive forever if you can't be happy about it because something's making you miserable?) When Goldilocks starts to cry & mourn the tragedy about her parents, she asks "What makes death natural anyway?" Then, Derek the Blue Monkey-Man rushes in to give her a mail that was sent to the Grim Reaper! Let me guess what you could be thinking right now: "Goldilocks & her big mouth", right? Will Goldilocks conquer her necrophobia(fear of death)? Will she really get to have a special meeting with the Grim Reaper like he promises, or is she soon about to die? Find out by reading the full version in the Full-Length Comic Strip Section at my Website!

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