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"SITO is made of people!" Hundreds of artists have contributed thousands and thousands of works of art (and hours) adding to SITO. There is a lot to see. Plus, you can add things, too.

Our home page provides links to the most active areas of SITO, including current Synergy (real-time collaborative) projects and the Artchive (online gallery stockpile).

The Artchive is our gallery of art by the hundreds of artists involved with SITO. All sorts of works are included, ranging from digital representation of paintings and sculpture to digital movies and custom software programs.

To browse the Artchive, start off at the main Artchive page and choose an artist name. We will soon be adding ways you can view artwork by category and date as well.

To add images to the Artchive, and generally add to SITO, you will need to sign up for a free ID. Please see the green ID icon to the left for more info.

You do not need to sign up in any way to look around SITO, however.

Exhibits are special collections based around one artists work. These are custom-made sites-within-SITO that are changed from time to time. Please check out our current exhibits.

Synergy is the name given to all of SITO collaborative projects. These are often live-action, changing, living works of art that can be added to at any time. Viewing and contributing to them can be an addictive process.

Move your mouse over some of the additional icons to the left to see info about a few of the many individual Synergy projects.

Synergy: Gridcosm is a 3-by-3 shared image playing surface. Artists add to the edges, then the whole picture shrinks and the process starts over! Very busy and very fun to watch or join in.

Synergy: Impulse Freak is an on-going collaborative comic that lives both on the web and in paper format. Comic readers should take a look. Comic artists should add to it!

Synergy: HyGrid is a twisty maze of linked images which is always growing and baffling. Beautiful and confusing! Walk around the maze or add a chunk yourself.

Synergy: Slithr brings animation to the collaborative playing field. Artists (you?) add a few frames to one of several strange animations. Art + time = weird!

To contribute to Synergy projects, and generally add to SITO, you will need an free ID. Please see the green ID icon to the left for more info.

You do not need to sign up in any way to look around SITO, however.

Having a "SITO ID" is an important part of contributing to SITO in any way. This is how SITO will know who you are and what to do with the things you are adding. IDs are free and are not necessary if you just want to look around.

You can get an ID by simply filling out a form or emailing us. Click on this icon to see this form.

A list of all SITO articipants who have IDs is available by clicking on this icon. Meet your fellow collaborators and contributors.

SITO Events page lists activities (real-world and virtual) that are going on in the SITO world. Who knows, maybe one is near you. Join in the fun!

SITO Discussions allow you to post and read messages about a huge variety of topics. In fact, there is a topic for each artist on SITO, in addition to the various sections of the site.

SITO News reports all the latest happenings in the SITO world. This is a great place to find out what's new. There are two methods of browsing news: News Flash! and News Briefs.

News Flash! delivers the latest SITO News headlines via a web page interface. Choose categories and how far back to look, and see what has been happening.

News Briefs are summaries of the latest SITO News headlines sent to you via email. To receive these, you first need to have a free SITO ID.

SITO Help System is designed to be integrated throughout the site. Look for small "?" icons and click them. You can search and browse help pages from the help window which will appear.

If you wish to send us a comment or a question, please click on this mail icon.

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