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Artist Matthew Conroy

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swooping colors.. 110802
swooping colors.. 110802
Re: orthogonal .. 100223
Re: orthogonal .. 100223
Re: orthogonal .. 100223
Re: orthogonal .. 100223
Re: orthogonal .. 100223
Re: orthogonal .. 100223
Re: king's chap.. MMC/091120
king's chapel w.. 091120
Re: sphere to c.. MMC/090319
sphere to cube .. 090319
Re: Mathematica.. MMC/090310
Re: Mathematica.. 090310
animated kid 080226
Re: Maggie Gall.. 071117
Re: Maggie Gall.. MMC/071116
Re: Maggie Gall.. 071116
Re: flower kale.. MMC/071115
Re: Maggie Gall.. MMC/071115
Maggie Gallopin.. 071115
flower kaleidos.. 071114
Re: pentagramin.. MMC/071008
pentagraminatio.. LIP/071006
Re: Five Hundre.. MMC/070422
Five Hundred Wo.. 070422
Re: Mathematica.. MMC/070407
Mathematical Pa.. 070406
Re: sphere to c.. MMC/070316
Re: sphere to c.. 070316
Re: Level Curve.. MMC/070314
Level Curves I 070312
Re: Sphere of C.. UWI/070130
Re: Sphere of C.. MMC/070130
Sphere of Cubes 070130
Re: Mathematica.. MMC/061213
Mathematical Pa.. 061212
Re: phase shift.. MMC/061127
phase shift ani.. SRD/061124
Re: phase shift.. FCC/061122
Re: phase shift.. FCC/061122
Re: Mathematica.. MMC/061122
Re: phase shift.. MMC/061122
Mathematical Pa.. 061121
phase shift ani.. FCC/061118
Re: phase shift.. MMC/061117
phase shift ani.. UWI/061117
Re: flower kale.. 060826
flower kaleidos.. 060826
Re: pentagramin.. MMC/060505
pentagraminatio.. PYR/060430
Re: cylinders w.. MMC/060313
cylinders wavin.. 060312
Re: balls throu.. MMC/060214
balls through t.. 060213
Re: pentagramin.. 051124
pentagraminatio.. 051123
Re: treat this .. MMC/051109
Re: tori animat.. MMC/051109
treat this mach.. SNY/051108
tori animation .. SNY/051108
Re: Fingers 01 MMC/050824
Fingers 01 050821
Re: spiral self.. MMC/050219
spiral self por.. 050219
Re: Mathematica.. MMC/050204
Mathematical Pa.. 050204
Re: animated fi.. 050129
animated field .. PTB/050123
Re: Fifteen lay.. MMC/050108
Fifteen layers .. SKM/050108
Re: cylinders w.. MMC/041226
cylinders wavin.. 041226
Re: sphere to c.. MMC/041212
sphere to cube .. UWI/041212
Forest I 041024
Flower 1 041024
Re: animated ki.. MMC/041019
animated kid 041018
animated kid RBR/041017
another blue fo.. PST/040219
orthogonal slid.. PST/040219
Coil of Spheres PST/040219
Re: treat this .. MMC/021121
treat this mach.. EHO/021120
treat this mach.. EHO/021120
Re: tori animat.. MMC/020428
tori animation .. NLT/020427
Re: level curve.. MMC/010613
level curves I SKO/010613
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