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by Martin Goebel [mar SITOme] [email Martin Goebel] 2004-10-19 11:26:29 [10218]
Hy jon!

so far i won the struggle. :-).

Like about every year took an old code out of my treasure chest. 4 years ago I had the Idea, it would be nice to have a local running hygrid. At that time I began to write that in java. within the last week I redone this whole thing and made a usable application out of it.

I can imagine that you an ed could see this as a kind of sito-rip off. For me it brings hygrid to a higher level - considering that browsing it from far away is awfull slow. Regardless to wich Backbone i was ever connected. Okay, i have to admit, that this is no point to worry about to much. But for me this development has a lot of benefits, even beyond hygrid, that kept me up on this for so long.

A subproject of this app is a hygrid-moviemaker! It creates a PAL/NTSC movie-source of nearly unlimited length.

Finally I think of a Collab-suite in which one can browse and participate on hygrid/gridcosm. Media-library, Graphics-editor, reservation, submission.

What do you think?

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good to see an old face
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Tile ended up in wrong position!
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the year was 1996....
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nice time lapse!
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hygrid : how does this works?
 Just In Time JIT  04-11-21 12:18
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 Jon Van Oast  04-10-20 07:52
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 Martin Goebel  04-10-19 11:26
good to see an old face
 Jon Van Oast  04-10-11 00:27
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urban decay
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Re: Excellent blend, dev!
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Excellent blend, dev!
 Sea Chum Joke  03-08-18 21:06
yto more like wtf am i rite
 Sea Chum Joke  03-08-18 16:51
Re: EHO-grid
 Ed Stastny  03-07-29 23:53
Welcome to HyGrid, WEB!
 Ed Stastny  03-03-12 06:19
Itsy Bitsy HyGrid
 Ed Stastny  03-03-11 00:54
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abandoned it?
 Paolo Dollorenzo  01-05-29 16:36
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 Jon Van Oast  01-02-16 07:31
reediting additions to HyGrid
 epiphysis  01-02-16 05:43
blade runner hygrid piece?
 Jon Van Oast  01-02-04 07:38
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collab communications
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524A2 - HyGrid Crossover
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Linking to HyGrid
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Re: amazing!
 Lenara Verle  00-02-19 14:16
I am not a fish.
 Rowan Lipkovits  00-02-07 06:47
Re: The new face of HyGrid
 Kiyotei  00-01-28 02:50
Coffeehouse Unplugged MIA!
 Ed Stastny  00-01-25 09:11
 Steev Hise  00-01-23 03:04
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The new face of HyGrid
 Ed Stastny  00-01-13 03:43
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