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by Shawn Granton [sgr SITOme]  2004-12-30 23:34:35 [10974]
Hello, Portland People--

I'm guessing some of you may have been familiar with the thing called "Gracies", the art "lounge"/commie copy center/catalyst for cool things that existed in town a few years ago. Some of you may have gone to the Sunday Gracies Brunch at either the Oak Street Building (v1) or the Church at NE 6th and Prescott (v2). Some of you may have seen the 48 hour movie projects Gracies put together (Do You Copy, Rotating Food). Some of you may even know that The Know was a post-Gracies mutation. and some may even realize that Liberty Hall was founded in the Spirit of Gracies.

Well, regardless of what you knew or didn't know, Gracies is aiming for a "comeback" in 2005. It's been gone for too long (since '02), and the thing needs to get back on track. we'll be having a CASUAL brainstorming/informational meeting about what Gracies can, and will, become in the future.

You are getting this email because we believe you may be interested into breathing life into the new Gracies. You don't have to commit to anything, just be at the gathering to learn and to share.

So here is the info:

**** ANNOUNCING a general "meeting" about GRACIES SUNDAY 2 January 2005 2pm-whenever Casa Crow (aka Steev's house) 1534 SE 23rd Ave 503.236.4288 just south of Hawthorne Blvd, near the produce market and Grand Central accessible via 14-Hawthorne TriMet: See where it takes you. <> **** WHAT IT'S ABOUT: a casual about what Gracies was, with a video presentation of Steev's Gracies docu. a message about Gracies presented by Brady a brainstorming session on what Gracies can become your wants, needs, and desires regarding Gracies **** WHAT TO BRING: food and beverage to share with others--vegetarian please ideas for Gracies **** TO NOTE: This is a CASUAL GATHERING. Even if you weren't involved with Gracies in the past, or can't be involved in Gracies in the future, you are still WELCOME and ENCOURAGED to come. **** QUESTIONS?

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