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by Ed Stastny [oed SITOme] [email Ed Stastny] 2000-02-10 22:35:45 [151]
The meeting at Gracie's Bird Cage on Tuesday centered mainly on the idea of real estate. Does SITO want to own a space? Would SITO benefit more from just maintaining a roving lab of media equipment? How does it all fit into SITO's mission to cultivate and propogate Electronic Art?

In attendance: Jon Van Oast, Brady Clark, Bethany Miller, Mykle Hansen and Ed Stastny.

Expected, but absent: Barrett Ryker, Carrie Schulz, Scott Forbes

Brady is interested in owning a space, a building. The consensus was that owning a building/lab-space shouldn't be a focus of SITO as an organisation. Instead, SITO should focus on obtaining equipment (computers, video projectors, sensors, audio) and making that equipment available for the display and creation of all forms of electronic art. Specifically, we talked about a Gridcosm exhibit that would utilise a number of video projection devices as well as motion/pattern sensors.

A loose decision was made that SITO would consider "location costs" as part of its budget, but not explicitly establish a "static lab-space" as part of its mission. Favoured was a "roving lab-space". A portable and reconfigureable set-up we could transport around the city and across the country.

There was a lot of speculative talk about installation-type exhibits. Achieving funding for these specific events/pieces is assumed to be much easier, especially if we use niche-market products like Nintendo GameBoys and handheld televisions.

It is important to be task oriented when developing our budget and plan for the next five years. That plan is something we'll need when applying for our letter of recognition as a tax exempt organisation.

For the record: I am for the bi-weekly meetings that Bethany proposed.

The next meeting, then, will be on February 21st at 7pm at Gracie's Bird Cage. Is this good with everyone?


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