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by Hugh [fcc SITOme]  2006-07-27 05:54:55 [16445]
Post-post-modernism began the instant post-modernism did. Its dialectical. They had a good show of Thingism. Convinced me.

Technology is a tool. Use it like a brush, but don't put it in the paint, it gets the keys all grungy.

Sito may indeed be rock jamming instead of jazz soloing, the principle's the same and frankly give me a blazing guitar any day.

Yes i know the ending, Ender finds out his "game" had real (genocidal) consequences in a real war, and it blows his mind. Levels of deception - very post modern. At the RAND Corporation they really do war that way - that's why I can get all I need for free.

Today, Ender's Game would have to be a reality show. The American public would vote countries and peoples out of existence depending on the outcome of the weekly action, and eventually find out that the losers in wars don't get up and go to the comissary for lunch. There's a screenplay there, go for it.

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