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by Thomas C Armagost [tca SITOme] [email Thomas C Armagost] 2006-09-03 12:31:59 [16848]
Ambient Design :: View topic - An Artrage Zoomquilt? <> Someone should post to the ArtRage discussion forum and tell them about Gridcosm. I would do it myself but I'm not a member of their forum. I don't use ArtRage.

A Painter 4 paint can is proudly on display here in my room. I'm somewhat invested in their product.

Now I'm using the (impossibly) smooth ink pen. If synthetic perfection ever starts boring me, I'll switch to GIMP. GIMP's pen tool has just the right amount of jitter by default. The line looks just like a line that I'd draw with a rapidograph pen on dead tree art paper. It's imperfect. Humanly erroneous.

Innographx :: View Forum - Art Volley <> Here's yet another discussion forum that's doing something resembling Photoshop Tennis--they call it Art Volley. Unfortunately, no one has played since last year.

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Active/New discussions on SITO have been moved to Google Groups.

Please check out the SITO general and Gridcosm topics over there.

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