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by Steve Law   2000-06-20 10:34:26 [289]
Okay, okay - you have one guy, and a girl and...Err, no - wait... you have one guy and two girls, and you all live in an apartment... Okay, umm... One night the guy wakes up from a mean nightmare. He gets out of bed and goes over to the adjacent room which houses one of the two (hot, sexy) girls/womens... they're kinda in between, ya know...We all live in the same apartment room together, by the way. Anyways, he wakes girl #1, Michelle, and asks, "umm...Michelle?" .. She replies, "hmm?! what? what are you doing here?"... I reply,
"ya, i was getting to that - I was just wondering if I could bunk here for the night 'cause I had this really 'scary' nightmare. So, umm - do you mind... I don't need much space, only..."
so he forcibly shovs this aww, amazing girl to the exrtreme edge of the bed.. umm, yeah - being careful not to hurt (take advantage of the situation) her smiles. Michelle, helpless from this man's company - and wanting a warm body next to her's - she disregards this act of personal intrusion... or it could have been because she was tired. smiles

....... Okay, well I'm off..... Don't sleep too late, kids.

Oh, let me describe this lovely... umm... 1 part girl, 2 parts lady... she has yummy red hair down to her lower neck... Er, you might call it shoulders - it depends where you grew up... Oh, she has these peircing blue eyes... did I spell peircing right? ... Hmm peircing... Or maybe it's piercing.... oh what the hell... Oh, she's white... smiles She's white.... nice and white.... Mmmmm, white.... Can't beat white, he-hum! .... I'm white too, coughs.... she's small, but not too small... about 5'7"... Is that even small? Well, I got about 4 inches on her, so I might think that - I don't know... umm, what else.... Oh, yeah, she's really sexy, oh! (puts a bunch of M&Ms in mouth and starts chewing loudly) I mean, living in the same home with her gives me the beegeebies... girl #2, Ashlyn - I've known for quite awhile, but I'm not really interested... she's hot too, (lucky me!!!), but she's really kinda my best friend... You know what I hate about a guy and a girl sleeping together? They never can just shut the hell up and sleep... I mean, no sex - no nothing - just plain 'ol good sleep.... See, I found Michelle very, very attractive - but I didn't do shit... I could have (tried) getting her into the mood for sex, but I didn't.... Hey, this gives me a good idea... I'm gonna ask Ashlyn if I can sleep with her tommorow... No, no, - don't worry, I'm just going to sleep, -sleep- with her. That's it.... smiles I wonder what she'll say... she probably won't mind, she's like a sister to me........ Not that I would sleep with my sister, I mean blushes

Okay, I'm off..... Don't eat too much sugar, kids.

Oh, by the way, I'm 19, Mich's 18, and Ashy's (Sherry) 19..... 'Night!

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Artbyte dying :-(
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All Your Net Are Belong To Us  01-09-03 20:59
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Re: design homepages?
 Eva Hochreutener - EHO  01-08-17 23:19
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 JER  01-03-22 15:37
and a device is born...
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Re: more- All your base are belong to us
 Ralph Nader  01-03-07 03:47
Coffee, Tea or Me?
 Nata Lukas  01-03-05 05:43
more- All your base are belong to us
 guest  01-03-01 18:48
vinyl video
 jonathan prince  01-02-27 09:52
Re: This is not SPAM [tshirts, etc]
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Re: This is not SPAM [tshirts, etc]
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Re: This is not SPAM
 Nata Lukas  01-02-26 20:01
This is not SPAM
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Gif Cartoons
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Re: The message I just posted as "guest"
 Jon Van Oast  01-02-13 10:14
I would like to have a Toe Cutter poster
 MARK SUNSHINE  01-01-27 11:12
Re: Bushed... Think I'll retire
 Thomas C Armagost  01-01-22 20:45
GW Bush Coup Photos (1.20.2001)
 jonathan prince  01-01-22 15:18
Bushed... Think I'll retire
 Thomas C Armagost  01-01-22 02:08
more broken glass than any girls ever seen
 Kevin McComb  01-01-09 15:02
Monolith in Seattle
 jonathan prince  01-01-03 16:07
fun applets
 jonathan prince  00-12-17 02:20
wow! 1000 posts!
 Jon Van Oast  00-12-11 20:17
My Robbie Conal Rip-Off
 jonathan prince  00-12-02 08:11
[no subject]
 guest  00-11-07 13:58
Re: And I finaly made it back.
 Jon Van Oast  00-09-20 07:20
And I finaly made it back.
 Mike Huber  00-09-20 04:56
 jonathan prince  00-09-12 11:22
who was on the first pez?
 guest  00-07-20 02:01
Re: Jamaica: The Other side Of Paradise
 Steve Law  00-06-20 11:06
100% All Beef Story... No Preservatives
 Steve Law  00-06-20 10:34
anyone looking for music  00-06-06 17:18
Jamaica: The Other side Of Paradise  00-04-05 17:27
President Clinton is a DICTATOR ??
 guest  00-03-24 18:06
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