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Re: 910b3 & c3 help: Viewing a discussion message
by Mike Casey [mkc SITOme]  2001-10-19 11:22:10 [3248]
War on people is sickening. I don't think the fact that we are rich and they are poor adds much, except an indication that on some fundamental level they might be really screwed up or stupid. If blowing up some of their economy is going to limit their ability to kill, mame, traumatize and otherwise terrorize innocent people to make some vague point, then that's tough shit for them. People can't act like that - there's no room for it. If they're going to sit around like a bunch of assholes and act like we had it coming to us and refuse to help us limit the chances of something similar happening again, they created an unsafe situation for themselves. I'm satisfied that the U.S. is trying to fix that in a reasonably humane manner.

I haven't been sickened enough by the world trade center to start worrying about the friends of the assholes who think terrorism is cool. If U.S. policy was that the Afghanistan government needed to be taught a lesson, so we'll bomb the shit out of their civilians in horrible ways when they least expect it, that would be different, and I'd spend more time questioning our purpose.

I think there's too much self-hatred in this country to even allow us to grasp the fucking horror and atrocity of what's been done against us. I wanted to strangle Arron Brown when he asked George Shultz if people would be able to get over their fear and go back in the World Trade Center. What???? When Schultz pointed out that that wasn't going to happen, Brown should have taken himself out of the game and checked into some therapy, but instead he kept talking like he was doing some quality reporting. What a douche....

I've never been a knee-jerk patriot, but when I saw those people, beaten, bruised and terrified in one of the most hellish situations I've ever seen, I asked myself what must be going through their minds. I gave up trying to understand, but it lead me to ask what the U.S. is really about. Beyond a bunch of details, it seems to be about making a place where people can work for the cool shit that they want. Or if you want to think about stuff and question things, go ahead, just don't shout fire in a crowded theater, because that could get people hurt. After thinking about that for a while, I decided that for all of our flaws, that's a pretty fucking cool opportunity. Those people were simply enjoying the freedom to do something positive, and a group of assholes decided that they would get some publicity by sneaking up on them and killing them. If that's not evil, then we need a new word for something worth hating with a lot of passion. If you don't feel that, don't you think there's something wrong?


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