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by Oh / Brock Lee [ohk SITOme]  2014-03-25 10:40:58 [35256]
see THU? see the difference? that's why 3912


(remember the soccerball. im with stupid rant just mrm.

I always like you. what ever else happens...theres just us 4 3689/ 3912

PON is someones last ditch effort to I don't know what but

I hope you understand the obvios wisdom of our choices. especialee in lkight of this fuck.

-OHK A5K any panel beyond 3912 IS NOT OHK

chances are every youtube link IS OHK, but if stupis sht pops up that isn't direct commentary or a flashview synch, its bulsht imitators also.

but yeah wanted you to understand with maybe t.b.o.t.d. as far as the OHKosm goes.

but im way too cool to have time for this bulshit man.

I tried, but I think I may have just been Death Bell ringing for gridcosm. I cannot, in good conscience continue, as I have been commanded to stop by my Lord. this does hurt because I love you all even tho mrma and ipd are dickfaces.

so im angry. angry enough to instantly glory and cheer in PON's ordained response. Eventualee the thought occurred that maybe this is one of the cosmers response to OHK but you know that doesn't really stick. so if I cheered him on its just me being sick of MRMs shit. YAY GOD!. but serioslee, FUCK PON TOO! stupid pices of shit. im glas wee made up our minds and charts to leave here before this stupids shit because that's exactlee why I can't find anyone worthy to give this too. I THOUGHT YOU GUYS WERE UNWORTHY . You were saints and dciples by comparison.

Maybe you can't appreciate when someone takes something "too serioslee" or "too far" because your a normal person...

our thing is different. OHKosm is onlee an extension of an ongoing hing we take as seriously as life.

so if my jamesbondian roleplay of the cosm seems a taudry childish thing, I can only say there is a bigger picture and story to all of this, not qiute a passion play, certainly not the hypertypical "I think im special" confessions of the net-niavetes

more like a secret war you could watch episodicalee like Stetson and Lee.

The fantasy aspect of real world application :social engineers profiteers opportunistic traoitors to humanity.

so if the biblical proportions of my Odyssy and Legacy make my Grandiosity seem unfounded,

remember I've met the authors of every smile on earth, every time you see one.

I hope someday you will see the [Oh] and your faith will be restored.

contend not with the enemy and do not condescend to aknowledge them.

I want you devise a methodology for the extension of the lend handshake, just as you have done with me.

you will FRAME THEM OUT. you will not reciprocate commentary.

THe dichotomy of the net paradigm is a falsehood, and requires counterintuitive understanding to conquer the the fallacy.

because I am OH I have done this for you. that is why we are friends. you can go and pinpoint and see eal love and know that I was for you and your for me and us for all. you know I believes in such ideals and that defending them is never a silly thing or beyonf the meglamaniacal roleplay of the protagonist hero.

If I be a thespian, its only LIFe that is my stage. IM SERIOS!! only youknow until you bust out laffing because I really am serios..

anway THUs we gotta go im sorry ut this is bullshit. I hope you can understand ne day what we have done here.

peace (I love pussy, titties, Christians, faggots, coffee, weed, and music, america, beauty, driving fast, breaking electronics, eating sandwhiches, singing songs to the glory of water while taking a shower, catsa nd dogs, people, tress, birds. life, and you)

you and I know that life's game plan is to kick everyones ass till everyone is nice, no matter ho long that takes.

you know. theres only 2 ways to join in. start kicking ass or start being nice.

maybe I seem autistic to you but I come from a place where the basic assumption of humanity is a future perfect perfection.

I get birthed here at the edge and an just amazed and yet find this all very undignified.

im sorry that the difference in faith is that I know of the future and place of which I speak. Of, course you have the benefit of doubting God's existence or choosing to believe. Im one of those select few idiots who gets spoken to right out and then has to reconcile that sht to themselves and there world view.

so yeah as far as saving and calling me only the second most dickhead thing he could do. but im blessed and possess all joy and yet ami mourning for all mankind and life also, so.

" don't take that to seriously or personally or make to much of it"

FUCK YOU PON STUPID ASS (once was percfect, twice was funny, the rest is asshole bullshit)

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For what it's worth...
Re: Oh yeah THU, ps

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i will eat them
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Re: I gridcosm all day.
 Oh  17-04-22 12:52
I gridcosm all day.
 Oh  17-04-22 12:47
That escalated quickly.
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Re: [no subject]
 MRM  17-03-24 16:15
[no subject]
 Yann Kemper  17-03-23 23:29
probly cant trust him tho
 Oh  17-03-07 04:13
and OMG I am the winner.
 Oh  17-03-07 03:50
actually the joke was (COSM SYNCH)
 Oh  17-03-07 03:32
MKC and i have history of sharing movie + music synchs
 Oh  17-03-07 03:22
Re: and actually
 Yann Kemper  17-03-07 01:38
and actually
 Oh  17-03-07 01:10
test results
 Oh  17-03-07 00:50
the thing about the runtime arbitrary is
 Oh  17-03-06 19:11
A case in point: Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon + Robert Palmers 'Simply Irresistable'
 Oh  17-03-06 18:17
That would acctually be plausable deniability wouldnt it?
 Oh  17-03-06 17:22
but meh
 Oh  17-03-06 16:34
"...Christ will come at 10:00"
 Oh  17-03-06 16:01
Re: Thank God for jokes.
 Mike Casey  17-03-06 10:07
Thank God for jokes.
 President Cosmo Blenderson  17-03-06 04:48
Re: hi MKC
 Nata Lukas  17-02-22 08:04
Re: hi MKC
 Mike Casey  17-02-22 07:15
hi MKC
 Nata Lukas  17-02-22 04:58
Re: Beautiful Level!
 Sein und Zeit  17-02-16 01:11
Re: Beautiful Level!
 Nata Lukas  17-02-16 00:14
Beautiful Level!
 Yann Kemper  17-02-15 23:46
Cool gridcosm esque zoom.
 Yann Kemper  17-02-13 23:11
Re: or am i way offbase here idk
 Oh / Brock Lee  17-02-12 21:59
Re: StarPlateV / remember Thunder Trucks?
 Oh / Brock Lee  17-02-12 20:36
 Oh / Brock Lee  17-02-12 20:23
 Oh / Brock Lee  17-02-12 20:08
Re: Be you angles? /Sure
 Yann Kemper  17-02-12 16:39
I found it
 Oh / Brock Lee  17-02-12 07:28
Re: Be you angles? /Sure
 Oh / Brock Lee  17-02-11 02:51
Re: Be you angles? /Sure
 Oh / Brock Lee  17-02-11 02:40
Re: Be you angles?
 noh  17-02-11 01:22
Be you angles?
 Yann Kemper  17-02-11 00:06
[no subject]
 Yann Kemper  17-02-09 01:15
Re: Get out of my head SAZ
 Sein und Zeit  17-02-08 21:18
Re: Get out of my head SAZ
 Nata Lukas  17-02-08 18:26
 Yann Kemper  17-02-08 00:57
Re: Get out of my head YZN
 Nata Lukas  17-02-07 21:33
Re: Get out of my head YZN
 Yann Kemper  17-02-07 21:29
Re: Get out of my head YZN
 Yann Kemper  17-02-07 21:29
Re: Get out of my head YZN
 Sein und Zeit  17-02-07 21:16
Get out of my head YZN
 Sein und Zeit  17-02-07 21:14
Re: 4140
 Yann Kemper  17-02-07 03:38
Re: 4140
 Sein und Zeit  17-02-07 03:30
 Nata Lukas  17-02-07 01:50
Re: YZN Blows Goats?
 Oh / Brock Lee  17-02-04 17:37
YZN Blows Goats?
 Oh / Brock Lee  17-02-04 17:14
Re: YZN loves fruit
 Oh / Brock Lee  17-02-04 01:52
Re: YZN loves fruit
 Yann Kemper  17-02-04 01:38
YZN loves fruit
 Oh / Brock Lee  17-02-04 01:36
SAZ in full on God mode
 Oh / Brock Lee  17-02-04 01:32
Why im dedicating the rest my life to gridcosm wether you like it or not (part 1)
 Oh / Brock Lee  17-02-03 20:25
Re: SAZ 4140 A3 is sick
 Oh / Brock Lee  17-02-03 17:40
Its ok to be jeluss of my awesome
 Oh / Brock Lee  17-02-03 17:05
Dear NLT prickface,
 Oh / Brock Lee  17-02-03 16:23
Talking to NLT all day as i dominate him and gridcosm completley
 Oh / Brock Lee  17-02-03 05:55
Ok i made an awesome C3 for 4140
 Oh / Brock Lee  17-02-03 05:39
Ill just do some fat chicks vagina
 Oh / Brock Lee  17-02-03 05:30
How about a bare breaseted african with tags hangin from her nipples and amchete just lobbing one of the moff?
 Oh / Brock Lee  17-02-03 05:24
I bet YZN has never even drank a moxie
 Oh / Brock Lee  17-02-03 05:14
Re: SAZ 4140 A3 is sick
 Nata Lukas  17-02-03 05:03
SAZ 4140 A3 is sick
 Oh / Brock Lee  17-02-03 04:49
I'd play a square but
 Oh / Brock Lee  17-02-03 03:58
 Oh / Brock Lee  17-02-03 03:49
what else did i have on my mind oh yeah if id sunglasses at night to terminator im totally doing this to it
 Oh / Brock Lee  17-02-03 03:45
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