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Re: see man i think he thinks im you. boring (no offense. no that you are boring, that's boring) help: Viewing a discussion message
by guest   2014-08-03 21:52:25 [36023]
gdmt their bean homonyms are homo! no offense. im not happyphobe. im just trying to repent over my bloodthirsty to wage war on all who oppose my meticulously crafted opiniom which cannot spell, which I think show new age sofsticastion in terms of being free of the slavery of language mediums when everyone knows that the parameters of the thing set the bounds of potential. like if God put a button on your forhead and said now don't push this button then you would like freak out and push the button everyday but if he said now push this button everyday
" youd eventually be like noway man. I ain doit ever again. I hat your button. but the if you outlawed the button youd be like secret button pushers unite! BLAH! you just do the opposite because yur fkn like that. nobody with any life experience is all that mystified by oppositional behavior, if I was president, I would just propose whateer made my opponent counterpropose what I actually wanted and then you would be! so doesn't any body have anything nice to say or do we just totally suck? with my limited basis for comparison I would like to here only exaggerated positive opinions please. like yaY! or super-good and fun. e. funny or something like 'I thought you were Jesus the whole time!"
or .begin now.
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see man i think he thinks..

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