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Re: HOLY CRAP!!!! help: Viewing a discussion message
by guest   2014-08-07 09:21:04 [36066]
also by real cold and flat I mean a Ghey Blow-up doll. I mean from what I understand of the OHKOSM RULES you guys all had yur tallys whacked clean off bfore playing. mine was supposed to be the only one still attatched. just way over here. im making althis up I just want tsomething to read later. so yeah TAG MAZE. ill TRY to make clever link list messages but...I think if you error you can sord continue the link trail in a crisscross that makes you read what ever. i'll practice. but if you have ever look into the refridgerator or cupcoard then like I like the none generic tags. who wants to eat word or word or how about word all day. sometimes 2 words together OOOOHHH! I think I already started. yeah I think I mad sme rings but only as shortcuts. we need long cuts. OK!! I need to actuall write something down. or. type something. yuck ok this one lnks t that one..hmmm im not sure what the goal is yet

I think ill scout the current range of links pathes and then enforce any insistant textiness interms of like...have to pass thru certain panels being the goal.. er... OOHHHH!! I know. il just go in one direction and then see where that goes till I return and the go back to the last fork and then see where that goes and then by only going places I would go I will eventuall go everywhere and clean up my mess.! tht will give me days maybe weaks of something to do allday. by then I will have a keen trained eye on what links function and also a good memory so I will be able to tell if things are orderly no matter how cluttered. and then when my brain stops pulling me around by my hair I will celebrate some sort of completed thing tht hopelly doesn tget spiled over time. or vandalized. I mean if you say don't this is art then they do but yur cool I guess. so wait if you plant grass the tree crows and then you migh have to plant more and the tree is to big or is 'cut down' by planting more grass and then there is nothing but big trees that you cant climb and grass everywhere that's only gooe for Frisbee fireflies (mousedragging highlights) which you know I love neerm zzoom. but...keep gridcosm beautiful! no littering! respect nature and animal habit etc.. beaver dams. kay (sorry if I spoiled some scavenger hunt trips)

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