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Re: See Kids, Its The COSM COLD DECKING FESTIVUS! help: Viewing a discussion message
by guest   2014-08-09 05:13:53 [36070]
Notice the aggressive time signatures employed by the master mox ...gridcosm?level=2127 (don't look at Eastern! (Lord enter these hearts!))

with the delicate p-latitude required for such invitations to a giant like OHK!=


(note the ongoing F. Herbert DUNE theme: KwizatzH,WOrm, MegaSPice)

this level f continuity promps the Oh's interest as the 2 bar a holes agree to the challenge of a game of 9-ball!

(notice MOX sadly realizing he can no long cling to the silly hope that OHK is a former cosmer and is indeed the Oh. (Synarchive). Its not MKC's fault. the Oh is like water..seeping into every space like a container. 'hold me' they cry as their rain falls on undried paintings in a sorta queer park!

WOW! the MOR force flatters in derision! (while dubling as an application for the gumball machine route! Lord knows they will need an extra gumball machine when the other 20 are used for for keeps marble races!

(OHK smacks announcer)

Ok sorry... Yeah COSM! Mox-Fear! so carbonatedand fizzy! and orange! and sportyathleticyouknow merm fear is like oh my chocolate milk is warm- !@$#!!

(OHK Kicks announcer in the walletpocket)

And the the UNCANNY Retorte! Such a Gambit! Did the MOX pre-choose a position and expect a specific answer?

yet the fabulous use of a line from DUNE, showing the confidence of Usul over control of the spice! "You have some idea what I could do?"

Disguised as discreet appropriate request respons!!!! hahahahaha!

note the times: ...gridcosm?level=2259

with a link!!! just above THE BOX! quick and dirty breakdown fast!!!!!


!!!! What a fabulous battle! OHK chooses a synonimous location in the link maze just below OHKOSM reuses! whle textiness kung fu's all! Go Andy- Go Andy.. and whats this! a link to 3970!!! only just recently installed into the linkmaze the day before! could it be? could 3970 be the megaspice location! theres a worm! moohoohahahaha!

NOW the battle finale's! the link is part of the mazegame (and maybe has 'something to do with Bullwinkle' vs 'a secret mooselodge mindbomb'))

Did MOX preselect a postion as a test?


Is OHK prepared for any synch test?

Would suck a setup by MOX be considered bednbreakfast orangnosing? or a nod?

what is the Game about!

HAs mox considered that MKC MRM PON and OOH all had to be deltwith specifically in the MOX THE BOX matrix leading to the infamous ELVIS WARS?

while MOX had a 225cc Pizza party?


Jer you wer last in line to feel underthegun. we like you lots. we are glad you are wacky not doosh. but yur not controlfreak material.

you have actual cool.

anyway that was fking fun. we both look ubernattii on that.

altho id like to point out that the elvis trippin nose piercing dimension was the shit and the spiceiness was required to umbrella the experience.

soo a completed matrix again allowes all the different categorical cyfers to connect.

charts are one thing but actually knowing what something means to you doesn't change. thers no reason to erro or bomb because to do so would be to have had a correct answer.

inotherwords...the persoanally matrix cant lie, een as a pattern can. simply only ever playing squares you want to should suffice.

especially if the entire point is to see how you police when a cat pisses in the livingroom..

the diffenece between SNZ and whatev? Oh know I know the entire thing spiritual.. SNZ!

but that's on different sides of a line.

and SNZ was awesome this time.

But lets look at the overall story of OHKOSM as we know it or as it seems it doesn't matter.

it just set up like us/them time what we think.

its not supposed to be truth its supposed to be comparable to the truth and wether the comparison shows you as a liar or a tryer.

but cosm and all art don't define the artist as a THING. only in process. HOW you do the thin is what is evident in artist appreciation. because to master a thing is to understand th eprogram the would be key to making a robot do something for you. like you must pave roads to have cars.

who was it is you should see how its built. so you don't judge an artist by his 'final product' you judge them on what they would be able to creat if they had medium tamed. imagine what wed do if we had the time. imagine what youd get if all your ideas were realized..I mean..have you SEEN the other COSMs? my point exactly. what im saying is this: 1,2,3,4,5,6 I mean a very small crew that actually communicated and knew exactly what they wanted to build? THIS SHT Would RULLLLLEEEEEEEEELLL!! I mean that could be you guys. bueatiful functional hilarious smart mystic retarded I mean you could really do something amazing with this if the natives wernt roving barbarians.

Oh yeah!!! MRM you are WELCOME for the help escaping that camp.


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