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by guest   2014-08-15 08:34:08 [36085]
Meshach Taylor- Manequin James Garner- Maverick, Rockford Files Harold Ramis! Bob Hoskins "eddie please" HR Giger ELP, KOO KOO, Aliens Anne B Davis. Alice Micky Roonie John Pniette David Brenner Pieces of my sould keep falling off like leaves. I just watched maequin a few weeks agao. I just wtched Rockford the otherday. I was just talking about gieger. I just watched stripes the otherday. I was just thinking about Egon. I was just talking about alice. I just made a roger rabbit reference. OH GOD! If I had a militant mercenary army I hold this bitches at gunpoint till they crack the fkin genome with their dumbass smartphones. Oh this hell. I hate life so much. may our descendents skull fuck death with the power of mathematics and Gods word. can I just be upset without you judging my type you dk. in this whole world made of melting ice. I am so offended by life I feel I will prove the world a lie and wake in a place where the things I dreamed actually exist. but first I want to find the TV liar who painted this falsity worldview of life and choke that mother fucker till brains ooze out his nose. Oh Christ collect and save my human family all is nothing I was invited to a party to wait outside and hear the music of vips from the balcony till the whole hall of fame burns to the ground. Im no one who leves these strangers and bemones the fate of all. I punch you God in the jaw for love sake. I pick up your throne and hurl like a lawn chair. I set my hair on fire and gouge out my eyes with my fingertips. I scream bloody hate at time and shall digress from furthere interactions with this fake pointless shirade of bunnies and bombs and chew the whole world with my teeth and spit the shit in your face. I hate this shit. altho wee dis good. ok if it wernt for weed I dknow you are just a sick sack of omnipotent bullshit. but damn I like weed. why can't we just ive forever and get high you fake ass. I mean if your gonna have a totlly fake ass contrived world you could atleast make it not suck you impersonaly silent dick. I shoulda known when I heard about the bomb and Hitler and all the other demonstrative failures you allowed to exist my contribution means nothing. there is nothing I could do that would compare to anything. I could launch old ladys of of carnical rides and youd say that was almost as good as so and so the worlds greates oldlady carnival ride launcher. Fuck your ghey shirade.sick mutant bullshit rathole. I will pray for a giant meteor. this sht doenst mean anything! der is is. things are. derrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, your full of sht! der I got 6 billion idk's with a pppppllllltttt sick psycho crap. yur a fkn like to take your sht planet like a ball and kick it real hard into your black hole ass. THIS IS SO FKT I wonder what we did before all this to get hear on bullshit suckass loser earth. yeah you know you suck all your best shit sucks. ooh I got a bomb ooh I such metal dick ooh my penis is small I must shoot you cuase im a rascist idiot monkey fuck redneck dooshdevillfagass fkng cowards liar shit pool of worthless sht. and everyone sucks just try talking to someone. they suck huh. fucking waste. what a pile of bullshit. If I were God and this was my world id fkng kill myself with my own Goddick. whats the fkn point I don't even know why I eat OH yeah cuz if I don't stick your lame bullshit in my mouth and chew youwill fucking send me pain. fk your science I still think your fake all you did was make porn available to all you useless idiot fktard yuppyscumhellfodder bitches. THIS LIFE SUCKS POINTLESSLY and if you are playing along you are a sellout liar doosh dipshit ballless pussy.

Oh God im sad. I have nomore interest in this life. I don't want to go anywhere or gey my dk wet or see some lame 60yearold rockers or navigate the sea of NEWIDIOT 20 somethings that don't know if Fisher King is a video game or...Please NUke Me my world has expired and now I live in the gheyest fkn lames ass time ever. the internet is some NAzi sht smart phones are some Nazi shit and im sure what ever psudoplagu the instigate to insist on a microchip in your fkn head will be worth dying from since this place aint got sht.

what jerk off on a poptart. get a homeless person drunk. fucking screan Cocksucker FAGGOT at kids whos parents make them hold signs. just a few more years and that whole eneration will be dead and maybe God will lift this curse.

Oh Christ forgive us our reality that is some disagreeable bullshit. no one cares what I say. I don't have feelings im just a randm crazy ass. its not like I save insects from the toilet. hey why dony you just invent a hole bunch of unattainable comparison modes so you cant flaunt your inheritance. Ooh your God what did you have to do to pull that off? Oh Nothing? well than get the fk off my case. no I aint trying for sht this is bullsht. take your lovemoney earnme game and your counterfeit sht and wipe your big black God ass withit.-Oh. praise God in the highest etc but don's express your feelings cuase that might be too much like an actual relationship


Re: We Will Kill Death

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