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by guest   2014-08-15 10:17:26 [36086]
that's not to mention Spocks Wife. im gonna be sick. sorry to flood yu 50something bar with my bullshit I guess if you solve a conspiracy yu should just stfu or let naysayingknowbetters like so and so tell you are full of sht. well mikey. wdyt? do I look like bulshit now? do I look like an intellectual midget? do I look like suspended omniscience circumscribed by the convenience of acquirable knowledge? Oh im sure I don't look like I've played this game before. I don't look like anything cuase you cant see me past your fkng chart. remember when I called you up and you opened this door? do you think I should feel unjustified? am I the outloud ahole in public ranting his sht? am I the whyd you invite that guy to the party embaressment? no you just get to be wise for beimpartial like somekinda fk Switzerland knowing you tried knocking the poison truth from my hands tho I told you id had several already. your so kind I wanna scream. we shook the pillars of Babylon and Heaven, stole humanities part as starts and outshone the world. and nobody knew anybetter. my meglomania never goes past the my toybox and your nobility you keep like a Halloween costume. bullshit you humble humane concerned fkng saint liar! I think you are could just be ashamed that I kill your dragon when you thought I was bs. And we Know I am Oh and its terrible. and they watch me and talk to me thru advertising sheduals and you aside from being an emotional hurricane I am not the least bit insane. I am most practical and the absuridiy of the basic assumptions in life draw a line between our desire for some completely normal life with the Malory Aye Oh shalalala before a million indifferently kill our special important leadrole audience laftrack starvertisement of self. clap now. I hear you play 'you know your right' and I look at the crew and I feel like they already inherently know the sad truth I have tried to explain to them. everyone but mr wathefkever that will dismiss this discourse without study or the quest for relevance. I mean. how were they supposed to know Oh things define Of. they want to defend there thing and just didn't see that I mean something diferent. is a different subject. cosm is like a rented venue. The opinions expressed in this cosm donot necessarily represent the opinions of gridcosm or its parent company Sito international. I could have just said ALL YOU MOVIE ARE BELONG TO US CHART. or you know I could have said hey you dipshits all the movies oyu have seen are timecded to audiotracks to coincide information in AI conversations and TV is the Image of the Beast in Revelation and Im the fkng shmuch who understands the code. but would they have taken that seriously

Of course im sure by now Jer and You and maybe MRM have turned your closed captions on and are either excited or mostdreadful realizing the coop is tru and Oh is key.

I mean with all the textiness you guys almost look like you know what you are talking about but I cant tell if that's just pure alchoholic luck or my providence.

the point is you could at least put me into perspective before you go along with yur silly sht I mean its not like I didn't totally fking placate you all on what was supposed to be MY tribute. MY TROPHY. you got your sht Im Oh. I think I will repay mike and do all. and in this gift that cannot be denied I will have the chance to express my various diisapointments and I toldyouso's indicating many things acerted such as the breadth and depth of my generosity and concern for my homies and the size and surety of my recompense. or you know

"Oh is a real great careingperson and noone should never fk w. him"

and youknow despise those that say lightenup when im ashappygolucky as a maniac can be in the face of this totally serios fkn thing they should nutkicked for dismissing so lightly. Mike is the best mrm is the best jer is the best. they do this thing everyonce in a great while that they should do all the time. they standin for Jesus. but you know they do like unobligated pirates. as if they wanted to hide some weakness like they arnt prparid to walk down goldstreet naked. Mostly the power of Christ compels you so I know that you are loved and thus I love you and do not avenge upon the the entire judgment of cosm which has becoming reconciled unto sanctification only in the future that Oh and you now must bring. Playing each as lambsblood on your door. you must truly honor or be hewn with chaff. I show you how. what a beautiful time this was. what a sad coux. if I insist you are awesome will you harness that awesomeness which has been distubuted to you by the spirit? Oh if Jer would just be Jer if MRM would be MRM if MKC would be MKC to afford this holy phonecall made collect and live forever not creating hell or storing up wrath. Still I don't ask what I have to do to declare Oh because I do only what I do to declaer Christ who declares Oh on the side. I would have you learn one and the other. Such a burden to have these pieces of your souls and to withould them would surely be curse. I hate to see you running around incomplete. please accept these gifts of Oh and Christ so that you maybe who yu are. And you know realize the sht you don't know may flood you should you dismiss. If I could do this much to cosm what do you think I have done to Hollywood? how many movies do you think I have utilizd? how many programs do you thin I have created? do you think there is any movie that would escape my eye? that there would be some bit of code ore keyword I wouldn't theorize on using for my absolution? you don't fkng get ths do ya? snow wonder I have to act like fruitcake I cant even convey the magnitude of my statistical dominion. all I can do is laff at you guys. while we feign this reverse paradigm like im some kinda nuewb Jesus Christ. I could Neo a hundred smiths and my hair would still look cgi nice. im like a 90th level paladine mage bard ranger thief barbarian. they had to creat a new alignment type just for me. I don't even wanna know who is in my celebrity fanclub. as unpopular as ive tried to be. you know if I was acting id get an Oscar but since im just randomly spewing my feelings at inanimate objects they think ive gone meglo. im like no man its not that complicated. you just suck is all. its really nor my fault I am reacting appropriately. everyone else is a totally unconcerned deluded fk. I actually have to try to not let the weight of the world eat my soul like acid. so you make me sick. but I suppose you guys are unique and specialer enough for my to Grace you with my legendary mastery of that whitch you do not understand etc.

er you know we could all just sk8 board without making fun of me cause you are doing stairs and im trying to Ollie. cocks. I might drive my car into something at max speed but that's the only plausible suicide I could ever manage. except maybe starving or sleep deprivation. anyway sorry for not wanting to be Oh alone but I can assure you if you understood, this puny 300 panel exhortation is just a leaf on the pile you could dive into with much padding. enough to cover yourself and block out the rain... youd say sht no wonder this makes sense I would done the same fking thng. dm. etc

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We Will Kill Death
All Im sayin is

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