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Re: Re:Both of you are full of Sht help: Viewing a discussion message
by Oh / Brock Lee [ohk SITOme]  2014-12-13 13:36:11 [36145]
Hey man you knew the risks. Its an uninitiated site with little to no morals whatdya expect thats why we made the directory we knew the potential for deletion was there. Youre mad because you want the wise cracks and ez links for vids all the time you spent in that fucking blood letting chair I get that.

Im sorry if they took the humanity out of the project ok? You no eye misspell homonyms on purpose wright you know that. anyone who reads me knows that's just what I do. im a fenetic tard. that shouldn't distract from what im telling you.

Its to soon to get all pist of about this. If in a couple weeks its not fixed then yeah you can start your little war.

But in your estimation im sure you can imagine a scenario that more that repays you for the loss of the record I mean...sure there may not be all the great jokes and psuedorants and easy linkage and reuse links and maze stuff but let me paint the most positive picture for you:

Trhow away all the links to songs and vids fuck it you know where they are and we have most of them so OK it not like everyone doesn't know how smart we are and we are the best synchers blah blah ok?

And then realy the side by sides? my second monitor burned out months ago I hardly use that and no one else did and most of them are obviso any way so:

FLYNCS and SIDE BY SIDES: Everyone already knows we owned it, no on is really using them anyway, We have almost all of that or the rest im sure we can remember and have fun rediscovering.

THe MAZE? oh that was a bunch of shit wh fucking cares fuck the maze.

That just leaves all your awesome jokes and sht. NOW I KNOW there wer bits of wisdom there that might never be retrieved and awesome word arrangements you planned out that were hardly noticed but if that's the biggest casualty is that really so bad?

Especially if you think about this: what if one day for some reason or another we decide we want cover and really wanted sito to get rid of all the tags? There was a sense of over transparency even thos it was all done in character so...its pretty much a not so bad win scenario..

I know you are upset about wasting time on something you had every right to trust would be permanent. And yeah if it was on purpose its pretty disgusting and we should not bother posting next years seriesez whats the plural of series? ya we shouldn't bother sharing with whats in the works... but I think you are trying to cope with the pressure of the ideas of a lot of your time and creativity and honesty being wasted with the idea of someone trying to piss yo off and the combination has got you so irate you feel you need to demonstrate that you arnt helpless in this situation. I KNOW your anything but helpless. Im afraid for everyone who evn looks like they are fking with you believe my I know your not fucking around but this was kind of the point.

I told you long time ago no site was trustworthy and none of them would ever resist deleting our shit our blocking our files or kicking us off that's all they have that's there only little weak once of control. You have ALL the control and you never access a site till you have them sized up. your a pro. don't start losing your cool because people don't know how much respect you desvere. I DO, okay?

This whole situation will work out awesome Ive shown you nine thousand hundred times how I am magically and beyond explaination I mean we've don everything together..5 leafed cloves..that quarter that landed on edge fkn...remember how many times wee just FOUND weed and cash and shit on the street and how many miracles have you seen with you were with me? I mean you know this about me,. Youre a super talent and I am notorisly the luckiest bastard ever. Thus the Term hgl.

Now If it turns out someone is disrespecting you I will make up for both that and you wasted time, ok?

Its not like they arnt scared of you I mean have you been paying attention? we Literally owned the site for a year ok only a bitch would try and start some sht know im bettin gits just some kinda bug or you know someone hade an uptight day and didn't think about what they were doing. Don't start calling up your Anons just yet.

And If this is an attepted Insult, way to wait till were wer fucking done you prick! Jesus.

So relax get back to me when your not so agro and i'll make you laff about this ok?

I told you before I know who everyone Is I know where they are all at I know whatmost of them are thinkin gok so some...Patty Smyth or Gwar or what ever that sht you like is and just forget this place exists for a while ok?

Also Ray says she knows you are constantly looking at her ass but what are nurses for ya know?

Stay Up Player


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A whole year of 15-40 hour days just erased?
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I use those tags everyday
 Oh / Brock Lee  14-12-11 17:13
Seems my whole years diary has been deleted!
 Oh / Brock Lee  14-12-11 17:11
For Some Strange Reason A Years Worth Of Tags Have Been Deleted
 Oh / Brock Lee  14-12-11 16:59
way to hide the only thing good about this
 Oh / Brock Lee  14-12-11 16:52
Ok then
 Oh / Brock Lee  14-12-11 16:46
Firefox/Mac Level refresh
 MARK SUNSHINE  14-12-04 01:32
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This Level's tags are broken
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The Mike Caspiracy
 Rachel Sue Dunham  14-10-28 14:10
♐ ✌
 Iga Juana  14-10-26 15:40
thats off the rack
 Oh  14-10-26 14:51
ipd: "space is good"
 Oh  14-10-26 14:22
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How To Build Java + Stir
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Im having to Refresh to get Random Level to work...
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Hey Boo Boo? What about another picanic basket?
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Nanny, my toys arn't playing by the rules...
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Nanny, my toys arn't playing by the rules...
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level 2817
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MRM: master of centered compostion
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MRM: master of centered compostion
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Re: level 2817
 guest  14-08-28 20:43
level 2817
 guest  14-08-28 16:36
Seriosly. the creds check the horse sht
 guest  14-08-15 17:10
Seriosly. the creds check the horse sht
 guest  14-08-15 17:07
Re: Dont think i dont see you on Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
 guest  14-08-15 16:03
Re: Re:Just because you are imaginary
 guest  14-08-15 15:32
Re:Just because you are imaginary
 guest  14-08-15 13:52
All Im sayin is
 guest  14-08-15 10:38
Re: We Will Kill Death
 guest  14-08-15 10:17
We Will Kill Death
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Rest In Peace, Robin
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who booted?
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Request for synchronization
 JER  14-08-08 02:27
Bless You! Maze Link Here!
 Oh / Brock Lee  14-08-07 15:36
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RePlaidWarp The Grid!
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If you are Real MCs, 'Goto Plaid' From Spaceballs. If You've Got the Confidence
 guest  14-08-06 00:07
 guest  14-08-05 19:35
 guest  14-08-05 16:53
level 2817
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How To Make HIT$
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 guest  14-08-05 02:31
Re: I dont want to read the news!
 guest  14-08-04 04:58
I dont want to read the news!
 guest  14-08-04 04:53
i mean he didnt
 guest  14-08-04 04:43
All I'm sayin Is...
 guest  14-08-04 04:32
the church of hello...hurray...let the show begin...
 guest  14-08-04 04:09
For want of a nail...
 guest  14-08-04 03:20
Re: lets see how this looks
 guest  14-08-03 23:46
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