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by Oh / Brock Lee [ohk SITOme]  2014-12-13 14:40:54 [36147]

whatever you say man damn. you didn't have to shut all your doors man I cant talk to you here! like you said man, its not worth the effort. just cool out, huh? Ray is gonna be sad... Please leave the BBDO thing alone too I mean...its fkn trap dude just...take 3 deep breaths... Keep your ear to the ground on Sony Im sure sonso had to get some dirt outa that I mean...if you darknet guys re running out of ideas I don't what we can do except wait its like atold you they cant hold out for ever no one prints money they don't intend to spend unless they really are killing the masons I mean. you cant blackmail everybody can you? I don't think lala land is ded just dried up. sooner or later we'll hear a whistle blow or catch a rat and we'll be right on top. nobody can claim it but us don't go getting your youself surveiled by people that ARNT your friends K G? these fuckers are so compartmentalized there isn't gonna be one right answer but I think Star Wars will have to have something to say if not we'll probly wind up in someones will. Remember Pixars loose lips theres always someone to add more boleon to the soup and you've seen how many cutainers have been making friends...someday that bitch will be ours I don't care if we have to slut our way thru ILM but eventually yur gonna run right into the cia and what with this latest sht im sure the egomania will have them checking their libraries for the same old playbooks. if you don't see a whole new catalog by 2017s end you can cut off nuts but im telling you again for the mth time we arnt the only ones on the case, itll be like the old hdit days andwe'll be right at the top of the list. don't go making mistakes cuase your pist at me ok? gbtm at the dawning of the age huh we'll see where this stallwall sht is at. you scare the fk out of me sometimes tho. peace -Oh

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