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Re: Level 4062 help: Viewing a discussion message
by Oh's Own [ohz SITOme]  2016-02-12 19:50:11 [36238]
...gridcosm?level=4062 holy crap. lol! yes! MRM! yaaaaay. That was crazyish! and then you just boom like snap! like swoop dip haha but also like somekinda professor of or no more like a practicing lawyer of cosm. basically the right response in a way that affirms and confirms an understanding of the overall setup being like a kinda puzzle or whatever (right? or are you just lucky...) so thats awesome cuase yur like yeah! That was soooo science i think.

the artwork itself is nondirected cosm practice involving an attempted blend that has been highlited with multiple intersecting suggestive femine curves, with some tiling and dragstretching, and stockpick color reduced to blend. only the barbed wire and the oranges are actually derivitive, and B1, basically a default generic blend when the need for a 6th square waas disovered.

anyway to whoever else reads this the basic outline is sorta a ploy

a basic 7/8 choice referanced to the matrix via:

-----4 3-4061-1 5----6-2

...gridcosm?level=3406 ...gridcosm?level=416 ...gridcosm?level=562

in other words "is a1 or c1 next?" with a fair assuption that MRM will post next

ie 735, 748, 812 ...gridcosm?level=735 ...gridcosm?level=748 ...gridcosm?level=812

vs 835, 847, 712 ...gridcosm?level=835 ...gridcosm?level=847 ...gridcosm?level=712

Keep in mind OHZ stats suggest 6 squares via 22-60 (from 21-54) being preferable to the previous levels interms of relevance. ...gridcosm?level=2154 ...gridcosm?level=2260

note 2261: oranges! ...gridcosm?level=2261

Now we arnt trying to create an actual yes/no right wrong choice out of the next artist choosong one of 2 squares, because a negative potential would exist =in that an incorrect answer could be selected. Prefered is a Matrix that can accept the possibility of both potential outcomes, even if one is more preferrable or relevant, or hopefully, the choices that can be made are somehow expressive of the individual based on which they choose. This one was mostly like the hopefull latter, with an exception that applies to MRM specifically

So the initial matrix suggests 3406 (see 4057 homage/reuse) and 611 (thus 3-4061-1) ...gridcosm?level=1406 ...gridcosm?level=2406 x1406 x2406

...gridcosm?level=611 (vs 612,3,4,5,6) ...gridcosm?level=3406 ...gridcosm?level=4057

these matrixes have been ruled out:

-----2-- 3-4061-1 -----4-- x827 x728 ...gridcosm?level=214 ...gridcosm?level=827 ...gridcosm?level=728 ___________________ -----5-- 3-4061-1 -----6-- x857 x758 ...gridcosm?level=516 ...gridcosm?level=857 ...gridcosm?level=758 ________________________________________________ -------5 3-4061-1 4----2-6 x875 ...gridcosm?level=875 _________________________________________________ So aside from 562 being the most relevant, ...gridcosm?level=562 and a good idea being to make the primary, determinant choices that eliminate the possible usage and thus examinations of a vast majority of combinations, these 3rd row combos were ruled out: 245x 246x 254x 256x 264x 425 426+ 452x 456x 462x 465x 524 x 526 x 542x 546x 562++ 564x 624x 625x 642x 645x 652x 654x

214+ 215- 216-

412x 415x 416x

512x 514x 516+

611+ 612x 614x 615x etc

a thourough if not quites so elegant process of elimination (POE) gives us the prefered matrix which poses the question to the next artist:

735, 748, 812 or 835, 847, 712 ?

where the answer is acceptable either way, however the possibility 847 has been somewhat guarded against or atleast counteracted or disabled via the barbedwire on 4062-C2, which would redirect the implication of 847 textiness toward MRM via 4061-A1

...gridcosm?level=847 ...gridcosm?level=4062 ...gridcosm?level=4061

regardless, such a choice would be open to interpretation, so a more discriminating examinar woud pose the question,

3748 or 3847?

748 3


847 3

Thats where this gets exciting! Both levels have oranges! Seems like that would almost make deciding even more of a puzzle.

...gridcosm?level=3748 ...gridcosm?level=3747 )


now im just sure we all know oranges are sorta Oh's channel theme and that an orange sorda symbolizes Oh's individual works or projects. (see Synronicity Arkive: Free Orange Juice)

So now either repsonse was acceptable either way for the most part, and even if 847's implication was somewhat redirected to be perhaps less preferabe to MRM, a 7 at c3 infering 3874 also has more oranges! So i say MRM ftw!

Finally there is the activity report coding of the squares:

__________________________________________________________ 32490 "big changed finished being" (level 3249 square 0) "there forever and" (level 2490 square 3 (3-2490)

...gridcosm?level=3249 note that the date matches 3249: Started on Feb 08, 2009. (Feb 11, 2016) Completed on Feb 12, 2009.


_______________________________________ 32491 "professionals on the move" "in front of the mirror" ...gridcosm?level=2491

_______________________________________ 32492 "through the metamorphosis ray he turned into a" "do the cha" ...gridcosm?level=2492

_______________________________________ 32493 "picked off one by one" undefined ...gridcosm?level=2493

_______________________________________ 32494 "So many" "tarring" ...gridcosm?level=2494

_______________________________________ 32495

"dressed in an almost completely washed-out plaid."
"work" ...gridcosm?level=2495

________________________________________________________________ And the text and upload timing codes:

1 C2 16:16 "tech lunch"

2 C3 16:16 "as you watched yourself govatte"

3 A2 16:27 (4:27 military time lol) "4:26 on a"

4 B1 16:29

5 A3 16:37 "tickled like a feather"

6 B3 16:39

"the unknown comic genius ruff draft bring back channel 80 fuhket"
changed to
"the unknown comic genius bring back channel 80 ruff draft fuhket"

basically: _____________________________________________________ 32490 "big changed finished being" (level 3249 square 0) "there forever and" (level 2490 square 3 (3-2490)

1 C2 1616 "tech lunch"

'itt tech' lol

...gridcosm?level=1616 ^tech, etc lol (b3,c2)

_________________________________________ 32491 "professionals on the move" "in front of the mirror"

2 C3 1616 <mirrored! "as you watched yourself gavotte"

gavotte = dancing this not only connects lyricaly with 'mirror' and is lyrically congruent on flashviewer to 4054/textiness ...gridcosm?level=4054

but also connects to the upload date 2-11-16 ...gridcosm?level=211

Note that this video is 4:26 long lol

(4062 = 0:40)


______________________________________________________ 32492 "through the metamorphosis ray he turned into a" "do the cha"

3 A2 1627 "4:26 on a" weed referance that also suggests possibe 426 matrix

...gridcosm?level=1627 ^green, cosm offering (pigskin = gridhog art)

__________________________________________________________ 32493 "picked off one by one" undefined

4 B1 1629 left "blank" obviously also the square design basically middlemans to connect A1 to C1 like a lack of text also does

...gridcosm?level=1629 ^ sorta implies the puzzle

______________________________________________ 32494 "So many" "tarring"

5 A3 1637 -4062-A3 is a left hand but 'mirror' stil applies

"tickled like a feather" goes with both activity report texts and the square art

...gridcosm?level=1637 ^Jesus

___________________________________________________________ 32495

"dressed in an almost completely washed-out plaid."

6 B3 1639 the unknown comic genius bring back channel 80 ruff draft fuhket

...gridcosm?level=1639 ^basic overall wazzup/dont fk around message, stressed by being uploaded twice


_____________________________________________________________________________ Note that the potential implication of 2260 has been redifined as channel 80 ie POP TV was recently removed from my cable service on like monday, which means i have to watch YnR during the day! soa...

and yeah the unknown comic wears a bag on his head... "ruff draft" both true and apologetic...such logical whimsy! anyway.

oh yeah Sheena Easton just synchs from here or rather at next level so that link is cleverly "bring back channel 80 ruff draft fuhket" discriptive bothe ways now ie 80's, linked a level early

and the 4063 flashviewer link is a literal "you watched yourself" (0:07 at 4062)

so yeah basically trying to correspond to each portion of data that correspondes to that square

anyway thats my portion of the genius, in explanation if not touting,

but notice MRMs!, where the artist not ony selects the 'right' square but also with elegant timing and expression, as 2322 casts 2317 in the most positive light, suggesting a shared space respect (less hogging on my part, consideration on MRMs ) on boths sides has developt. Without the affirmation of 2322, level 2317s connotations would most likely be interpreted as negatory and abbrupt dismissal. (like Whatta D) ...gridcosm?level=2317 ...gridcosm?level=2322

and lets not forget MRM's cantankerous openly negatable negative text "too bad about the" which almost tempts one to counteract with a "not" of somekind, a tit for tat sorta countertest that appears provacative but tests ones assumptions on weather MRM or another colaborator wil reverse it with a word themseves lol.

All in all im rather satisfied with the outcome sofar.

this apprasail of level 4062 may seem in depth but this is just typical cursary art appreciation for the cosmer who finds the numerical refereance aspect of cosm interesting and prefers to accomidate such varibles with signification and corelation in their response.

the reward being a certain pride once recieves in creating an "answer" or "solution" that connects to the current grid in a more specific, detailed and self similar manner. For whatever reason one does, divining appropriate content from a potentially noticable or exposable source of cosm data brings a sort of justification and validity to a square that hopefuly others can appreciate too just as you might respond to a square by posting its counterpart, like say posting a Kato Next to Batman. or Say a Robin next to the Green Lantern..creating a stat/level related response has its own pithiness and intellegance and humor. One ony need examine the cosm for a few moments to discover that often times the "why" a post was made is as valuabe as the picture or weather or not it even looks good lol.

ok so lets not forget to check these side by side flashviews to level 4062 ...gridcosmviewer.swf?TOPLEVEL=4062&STARTLEVEL=4062

+ ...gridcosmviewer.swf?TOPLEVEL=4062&STARTLEVEL=4058 ...gridcosmviewer.swf?TOPLEVEL=4062&STARTLEVEL=80 ...gridcosmviewer.swf?TOPLEVEL=4062&STARTLEVEL=426 ...gridcosmviewer.swf?TOPLEVEL=4062&STARTLEVEL=18 ...gridcosmviewer.swf?TOPLEVEL=4062&STARTLEVEL=1847

...gridcosm?level=18 ...gridcosm?level=1847

-Oh ps also this was on a Thursday lol

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