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by Oh / Brock Lee [ohk SITOme]  2016-06-06 06:15:34 [36255]
like relly? (looks at watch) long pause, exhale

Hey what the duck is sito thinking about?

i woke up thinking i could use bookmarks to record my day

saved a list of typical activities googles searched which upon clicking would save the event to chromes history such as AWAKE(at) I am eating, i wam watching etc. cleaning = ...

i gess thats only interesting if you record everything you do in a journal which is a practice i performed for years and in more recent years have kept a complete record daily. the point being i can refereance and then recall exactly what i was doing at any time in my history.

ive found the process improves memory and time management skills as well as adding a sense of value and posterity to daily life and self awareness.

you definitly start to waste less time doing sht that isnt worth mentioning and more time making decisions and actions that can be defined in terms of something positve, like took a walk or cleaned the kitchen rather than. sat on my ass did nothing blah

because oyu dont want to read about yourself being lame.

anyway i think any event journal is good for you. there is just to much crap to remember and more is added everyday. also oyu would be suprised to the vast amount of persoanl experiances that oyu just totally forget about. its sad actually like imagine if there we whole life records of some of the greatest minds i history. is the mrality of the mirror i suppose. holding up to ones own scrutiny or keeping a perspective and context on the moment. italso kinda makes your day like official.

like i, being of sound mind and body, did hereby make myself a sandwhich at 2:45 pm such and such a date the year of our lord.

so that part feels good.

its sorta ocd or maybe just like balancing a check book whcih i dont know who does that but maybe you acould think more like if oyu like collecting things collecting you activities and decisions like then you start to do real well as far as record keeping

i been making this hog panel backup i thought about uploading to artkive.

like i would call it hog panel backup which sorta seems like a piano you could just hanf from a rope and then drop on cosm but mostly just like to make a thing or like feedback or approval like yours would somehow feel better to me than mine but just likeas an example of a hog backup which is a weird form of study if you think about it artisticly speaking. like to specialize in making things that you could do in gridcosm without actually doing them thats like spinoff gold. thats like Benson after Soap kinda.

bye miramax catelog! imagine how realeved you actual can feel when 20 movies fall of your my list. its like phwew i dont have to do all that afet all! freedom! kinda.

i seriosly finished recreating my 2004 killbillV2 + cky infiltrate destroy rebuild synch (CC) after 3 dys and then bam! no more tarrintino!?? perfect timing. and also finishing before june 1st was too.

it will probly lookl ike sht in here ____________________________________________________________ CKY Infiltrate Destroy Rebuild + Kill Bill Vol.2 (netflix) ------- 10#,1,2,3,4,5,6,8,9,10 (no track 7 first play, 2second repeater (#the super) is ok)

0:00:00 = 10, 1:10

------- 1 = [facts]/

--- 8, 4:05 = rocksalt

------- 1,2,3,5,4,6,9,7,8,10 (1,2,3,5,4,6,7,8,9,10)

1, last beat = last nail

--- 5 = [5]

-------- 1,2,5,9,8,6,3,7,4,10 (1,2,7,9,)

1 = blender button

(1 = [blender])

-------- 1,2,3,6,4,9,5,10,8,7

1 = [he's good]/

-------- (original 2004/5) recreated 5:00 AM! 5/30/2016 6:30 Oh! 5/30/2016 11:03 Oh! 5/31/2016 ____________________________________________________________

a definite insurance against inevitably trying to temember something you cant and scratching your brain. i suppose mort people just use a smart phone and slefie everything to instigram or make a video log of their entire existence, which i think should be an option if not a mandate in the eventual future...allthough an enforced system of a constant video record of every human being might lend itself to a shift in consciosneess in terms of society and the individual where image was once defined by fashion or decoration the preservation of a positive record could become its own form of identity expression. imagine that no one wants to look like an #$%#$% on film which would be all the time..

i dont know about tht bu i wouldnt ind haveing the ability for myself.

what was i oh yeah so basically just made some buttons that record sht that i right down then or later anyway.

i like to you should try it

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i wonder if this would wo..

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