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I guess only using mspaint relegates my potetntial to a sort of subpar mediocrity help: Viewing a discussion message
by Oh / Brock Lee [ohk SITOme]  2016-06-12 19:10:24 [36260]
just because i did 200 levels of unblended waffles doesnt mean i cant blend, MRM!

(some ppl might even say you deserve me. (all of you!))

but seriously folks. btdubs thats like an awesoe segway disclaimer combo that you have to use just right to not read like a total dooshbag so like..dont try to mimic my textual expertise at home. i spent my time in the trenches! of tyt chat therefore i are the internet incarnate except safe mode

also if you dont understand the lingo you should eat more cerial while memorizing commercials and then become sci-fi in every direction

fo rizzle ma nizzle.

but seriosly fulks

i just wanna say and let me tell you and uh

whicch is like some memory of some maybe jim carry christopher loyyd line about what old people or some kinda people say. if i spent like an hour really thinking about it i might know wha that is.

"i just wanna say" and

"let me tell you ok you americans..

you talk and talk and you say.. oh man what what is that? sorta pissy french sounding accent "

you americans you talk and you talk and you say let me taell you this and i jus wwanna say blah blah.

aw fk theres always something im trying to remember wab

maybe if i stare at a wall of every movie i ever seen i could like figure out what that is. i could google that oh shit! it was the grim reaper in the meaning of life LOOOOL

how could i forget thats funny. thank you cyber brain prosthetic i mean google ...gridcosmviewer.swf?TOPLEVEL=4070&STARTLEVEL=4068

Gridcosm Report for Moses Versed Pharaoh (MVP)

Number levels: 6 Number pieces: 20 Hogfactor: 0.33 Avg time between pieces: 780.5 hr

...gridcosm?level=780 Oh yes that should count for a "friends of mine" do it to a duck thing that was supposed to be like zappa or no was supposed to be like the doors but actully sounds zap

my point is that alot of cosm is really good sharp jpeg that i cant seem to emulate in ms paint. for some reason non-me cosm could dump out a junk drawer and as lons as it was photoshopt or gimpt it alll looks sharp and the colors are always right and the pallets match and everything looks so quintessentially cosm and then when i make a square its like beep borp 486 fkn

and i know mrm hates me!

but seriosly folks. maybe its lame but i like the limited options i have with paint at least in terms of decision making. i have irfan view chich allows you to do alot more like actually rotating images by degree (that are then blurry and need to be cut out) or simple effecs like blurs twirls pixelie etc and color corrections and swaps one essencial tool i find is decreasing color depth.

typicaly when you decrease to 16 colors you can then edit the pallet into black and white to define fields and make cookercutouts for objects in relative contrast. so that what it takes to cut stuff out with my mspain set uplol.

so if i do ever perform adequatly for ye royal audience like a marinet fool folleying to your whimsey in deplorable buffoonery..

in a pleasing enough manner for you to actually forget im just using mspaint then that will be something noteworthy i suppose

im not on crack either


allright ok but seriosly im done with the typing now k. oh i hate i'll just say (busts into this whole live scene of a musical play with like a stage and everything that like you could have seen irl that would be like crazy eccentric. id like film it and then make it an hbo special and then like at the end it would be the farewell of this actuall message and it would be a bizzare loop not like lost highway or that one movie but still sort like wow you know maybe everything is art if your just like rich enough or laid back enough or like yur zen and oyu meidate or can levitate those kind ppl. i dont know sense ive only ever seen the world on tv so please help

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now see!? justin tim is t..

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