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- (ah sht where did my rant go fuuuuckk help: Viewing a discussion message
by Oh / Brock Lee [ohk SITOme]  2016-06-14 21:35:41 [36264]
it started out

Oh no you diint

and then like oh yeah

"and you ist just walt back on the grid after so long"

and i talk about how much better the stuff i did with tyt cht ams was better than what you vets do now becuase we were all communicating in a group thang and what else was in there links to level 4016 and 4034

i rambled on about making a comment with an attitude rememinescent of being a cowboy with a switchblad being played by james dean and cleaning my fingernails with a bowie knwife oh wait a switchblade and leaning against a post and maybe wittleing and saying like are you gonna bark all day little doggie then like spitting out a toothpick

it was a great rant i had been going for like an hour this sucks i mean i went on about mrms painfull drone of ireccosilable imameges and how great they are and ah man now i just dont caer because im tired that sucks i was really funny.

i spun around at the end and gave everyone the finger and theni like hit the button on the mouse in excitement and the page changed and then my brilliant letter was gone so you just get this crap

Filename:File :JITIDEA.png Forum Link: [URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL] HTML/Blog Link:

Filename:File :blueass.png Forum Link: [URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL] HTML/Blog Link:

anyway i prettey much said fuck you guys and oyu could actually d cool shit

and that we should eliminate the lines. absolve b2 of its invisibility i think i said.

i should have picked an anthematic song

whatever. i also pretended to run off in the rain (in a dress thru wet leaves) crying on that other rant so man it really was just on and now its deleted i hate that i hate when that fucking happens and oyu know what it happend becuase im replying to guys so just know a car in the red im like a racecar in the red.ok wait scrath the pulp fiction reference. this whole thing pisses me off im done for right now jesus why do i bother pain in the ass waste of time i swear sons of bitches and what notohhhh

In reply to:
MRM do you mind to be a l..
I wasnt even going to say..

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