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JIT you ignorant slut help: Viewing a discussion message
by Oh / Brock Lee [ohk SITOme]  2016-06-20 18:00:11 [36280]
If you had bothered to do your homework, instead of just waltzing back on to cosm like some long lost part of the buddy team, youd realize im not only MVP and LAH and RTL and about 10 others but youd also know that noone has been here for the last 2and a half years excep MRM and I (and som TYT chat newbs i brought.)

And if you had known that you would appreciate the humor of my i <3 MRM square, since no one has more right to be irritated with MRM than I do. that isnt to say its a fals sentiment but you should appreciate the irony.

What do i do when MRM posts an irritatiing nonblendy bathroom tile?

I kick its ass and mmake good

you know whatthe differenc between me and you is? i never post a square i dont want to look at forever. i never post anything i dont like. you toddler!

AND if you had waited!!!! i was gonna post a C1 that said something like "punching 's face" of flicking 's nose"

but you broke the first rule of internet: no emo reactions!

well check this. no one has been more irritated with MRM than I have. NO one has been more selfish on grid than I have. no ones squares are as lame mspaint as mine are.

But then again ive been the only one here so EAD

The reall point is this. As much as i typical treat MRM as an arch Rival, he is the only one contribuiting. you walked into OUR game. i suggest you check the last 300 plus levels.

But If you think i dont value his contributions you are wrong. if you think i would let your disgusting ass (ive seen the shit youve posted over the years ive done my research) front on my MF MRM youre wrong again. NO ONE IS ALOWWED TO HATE MRM MORE THAN ME. THUs SAYETH SWINGING DICK. and if i had a choice between idk slaying my arch nemesis or telling some turnabout like you (who obviosly gave up cosm once already probly cus you were pissy...were you in iraq or something? prison?) to get the fuck off the boat, id throw you overboard and go back to my battle with MRM.

NOW i LOOOOVE your drawing style ive told you before ive complimented you and I asked you to come back here. and i HATE when mrm does that shit but did i throw a fit or rant or quit NOOOO i mad ethat Aha Take on ME pulpfiction hose guy and blended like mrm couldnt quilt with me around if he wanted to. almost in spite. But I have to side with MRM brah. he is the only other person that plays regularly and we have been working together/battling each other since 2014

What im trying to tell you is youre making your self look like an ass. just fucking cosm already. noone cares anyway.

but fuck both of you if you arnt doing your best. id never do such a thing.

check my record and my like 15 sitoids and stop being such a lil bitch about nothing.

you want to fight someone fight me im the alltime cosm hog and my panels arnt all that great. but hey atleast im synching to music. what do you do? treat your goiders?

try and have a goddamn since of humour while your at it

IF anything MRM is MY BITCH not the otherway around. you obviosly havent been paying attention

TY Godbless u the man etc hope you get your groove back

(drops mike)

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Re: about this idiot MRM ..
Re: JIT you ignorant slut
ps your 4065 c2 was weak ..

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