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by noh [noh SITOme]  2016-11-03 07:47:14 [36329]
you should go down on me means: I just told you to blow me to smithereens. that means put your mouth on my down there.

see: felatio /cunnilingus, tossed salad etc

and now i know you arent paying attention. i dont have to go because im not even here brah


while you are being a whiney biatch, Mermy still seems to like and respect you and want you around, but I, me. OH, pretty much dont. i respect you as a long time cosmer, and I think your drawings are excellent, and everything else about you sux. Its like i said when you first returned. its been pretty much me versus merm for almost 3 years, you haven done your homework on whats been going on, and overall yur just being an ass. get a fkn clue. or a better translator

if im mrm i sure have enjoyed playing with myself an awful lot!

i gave you a list of all my accounts. everything ive done is ms paint.

i believe mrm uses like..amg photo studio or some weird thing that i dont have

i too have also been highly irritated by merms merminess in the past also aswell, but thats his perogitive. id rather try and outdo the mrm or make use of his contributions then whine like a mule.

anyway you not knowing whats going on is noh fun. i dont even enjoy looking up your news.

you bore me. all of you bore me. and as irritating as he ahs been and as rude as he was when i first got here, telling me my C3 sucks ass, mrm is the only person here i consider close to cool.

your cosm doesnt communicate, has no goals, lacks and enthusiasm and at this point without the ability to link to music is pretty much useless to me.

im not interested. just felt like telling you that yur a prick. but maybe its just your nationality idk

i doubt you can even read this correctly at this point lol.


i dont waste time w/ lamers when theres no lulz in it playra

i dont even think youd get my game if i explained it to you

but hey radical doods lmk when the tags are back or links are allowed and maybe i will grace this mediocre ghosttown with my holy spirit again lolololol!!!

-Oh (best cosmer ever)

ps someone show jit where me and mrm fight or you know what who cares these days anyways? lolololololololololol

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ohk should go
SRD is cule

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