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your mouth keeps moving but all i here is blah blah blah help: Viewing a discussion message
by Oh / Brock Lee [ohk SITOme]  2016-11-05 20:43:22 [36331]
see what i mean. its like... you know, that thing where we try to outsmart each other. but seriously. hurry up and go. post. upkload. lol. Mark Sunshine you are so fkn sexy! hahaha but really. whiskey. and also i want to synch cosm to music. all those who are against are boring pricks and also im invincible. lololol points finger at 45-55 year old cosmers and wails with lafter etc. also i am great and neat and nice to you. fight me and you will die 1000 deaths in the pit of dispair. i am the holy chosen one of the ages with the wisdom of revelation and i party all the time with eddie murphy and his law says i am your joseph who will lead you out of eygypt for 40 years of good luck with the rock-eets and many beaver sightings dammit.

so ask yurself why yur such a stuck up antisocial prickface with no coolpoints or shwaginess and i will have mercy on you!

you are my chosen sons. my grace is pouredx out upon theee. please be my friends. i long to comfort you in the night with my miracle powers etc.

lmao also like the pull the stick out dudes its so the other side. where my hummies AND ALSO Ooopsa caps lock i will pick out a song

ok im faking thats just a way to sneak a gun.


MIKEY! help! they are picking on me.

ok ok ok maybe my quilt session was uber dumb. i blend good tho right? im cosm? you love me? right? hahahaha im slightly drunk so fk you times pi.

american pi!

thats 22/7 cuz pragmatism reighns supreme.

im sorry my bad ok yur the bosses. im just the guy.

i will commit soduku now.


see how clever that painting the town lyric is?

yes i will fuck you up. why would fight me? i laff as a god.

points at you and giggles.

when will you accept that all is all?

you break my heart

I am the Oh.

how can you not know what thattts like god really. dumbass.

please hold me. i will slam dannce you into oblivion but actually it will be like a sorta sleepy dream state where you are happy ok im done this message sux

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SRD is cule
hear fk

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