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OH MY GAWD NATA! YOUR A2,3 AN B3 SUCKED ASS! help: Viewing a discussion message
by noh [noh SITOme]  2016-11-11 00:23:27 [36334]
naw im jst fkn w you so how you been hey arnt you that guy on MythBusters? do think its ok for an honorable masculine hetero man to give another man he loves a footrub?

If being Christ-like meant rubbing another mans feet when say maybe if i had the flu or maybe dt's or I had handcuffed myself to me bed to kick smack?

I'm just wondering.

But you probably will follow rebel code 1247 and not give me any information or maybe even wage a disinformation campaign against me because you see me as the enemy!

You always loved MRM more than me! Nothing I ever did was good enough for you! Now i know i never made you proud... But there will come a time And you'll regret the way you treated me as if I was a fool And didn't know the many times you lied about your love for me. Someone else is gonna know That your love was just a show.

How could I be such a fool? ---- ----

Now i know what i must do. The way is so clear now. I always knew it would come to this. Theres no turning back now. Its all been converging toward this one inevitable moment. Theres is no other choice...

Na im just fkn with ya lolol

Are you laffing bro? WHY ARNT YOU LAUGHING!?

that hurts man really. im sorry that stick is permanently lodged. Now i only feel rage inside

im just trying to be funny you psycho dumbasses.

why are you guys such dicks i swear

fuck you!

naw its cool im not mad.

i mean unless you want me to be then i will be. whatever you want i swear just please please laugh! i mean unless your like some sorta mech-demon who only laffs like that sinister thinking of something evil laugh right before you leap off a cathedral and like flap your wings and sht.

Are you a gargoyle bro?

Oh shit i just realized all the liberal pussies here at Sito gridcosm are all at anti trump rallies right now. lololo im talking to a wall. lolol

na im just fkn w you guys. you CAN blow me if you want to but yeah im just fkn around i dont really care much lolol

psych i totaly care!

naw im just fkn around.

But i really DO care!

NAw! hahaha is this messge long enough to show i care or can you tell im just otherwise board and im all shits and giggles over typing some bullshit her lololol

what ever if you cant take a joke thats your fkn problem. No im not the one who cant take a joke you guys are. YOure a big bully snob clique who picks on third graders like me and i hate you forever!

naw im just fkn around nvm lololol


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MRMee, JIT, cosm-oh-nots
Sito you fkn broke POS

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