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by single random dot [srd SITOme] [email single random dot] 2016-11-18 20:49:00 [36356]
What makes it a good idea to upload tons of non-blending tiles?

I've been watching it for years - some are bothering with their piece (JIT, contrary to his name, sometimes even more than 2 hours). And someone will destroy it within a few minutes. Yeah!

Does this feel good? Like a smart hack? Like deconstructivism? But does this need collaboration at all?

I've often thought about an fully automated Gridcosm. (However, one in which the tiles automatically blend) Without auto-blending, it is a really easy job for any script kiddie - but also completely senseless.

The spectacular illusion of infinite zooming brought me here at the time. The ingenious simplicity, the stylistic anarchy. Unfortunately, the last few years have not been fruitful and less inspiring.

Here's an algorithm for the ultimate hogging hack: Reserve ALL the remaining* tiles in succession and randomly load some shit up. Only rule: 150x150 pixels, JPG or GIF. You also could block the rest of the Sito-IDs with fake accounts.

*Until John no longer wants to host this shit.


Thanks, this magic will work with few lines of shell script or even without code using a browser plugin like "GhostMouse". You could just use Google's image search for exact size and file format. But why not make a series of a thousand blank pieces? Great art!

For years there have been only a handful of active members. Meanwhile, however, some trolls have the majority.

Please let me know if at least 1 rule is introduced. Some fair anti-troll mechanism that a piece is just a suggestion until someone else wants to be a neighbor. Or that everyone can only upload 1 piece per level. Or everyone just one per day.

So long: Happy Spamming!

Yeah like isnt that what ..

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