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Re: YT CHAT / AND THATS HOW ITS DONE PPL help: Viewing a discussion message
by noh [noh SITOme]  2016-11-19 04:17:03 [36408]
This Guy hello gridcosm ppl

This Guy This Guy JACK!

Yann Kemper Yann Kemper hello?

Yann Kemper Yann Kemper Is anyone else there?

Yann Kemper Yann Kemper I'm from Gridcosm

This Guy This Guy noice

Yann Kemper Yann Kemper wait what was you're username on SITO?

This Guy This Guy check out level 4008 -4056 to see what full on newbs were able to make using chat

This Guy This Guy Im Oh. hold on let me change my shirt

Yann Kemper Yann Kemper ok

Yann Kemper Yann Kemper in the grid poem?

IAmTheOh IAmTheOh ahhhh!

IAmTheOh IAmTheOh hi!

IAmTheOh IAmTheOh so how did you find gridcosm?

Yann Kemper Yann Kemper I can't rememebr

Yann Kemper Yann Kemper *remeber

Yann Kemper Yann Kemper I think I found it. on reddit

IAmTheOh IAmTheOh dont worry about typos lol. chat newb! lololol

Yann Kemper Yann Kemper who's channel is this

IAmTheOh IAmTheOh yeah you seem kinda milinial memee

IAmTheOh IAmTheOh poi's

IAmTheOh IAmTheOh hes just a guy

IAmTheOh IAmTheOh we all used to chill on tyt but they banned chat for a while so we made our own

Yann Kemper Yann Kemper oh

IAmTheOh IAmTheOh what

Yann Kemper Yann Kemper nvm

Yann Kemper Yann Kemper but I'm currently trying blending using the steps That you sent

Yann Kemper Yann Kemper and I'm not sure if it's correct or not

Yann Kemper Yann Kemper still not sure if I use the whole image or the entire grid

IAmTheOh IAmTheOh its not hard. youcan upload ideas to sito or use your google plus or 3ezy. google hangouts is better but its lame with just 2 ppl

Yann Kemper Yann Kemper ok

IAmTheOh IAmTheOh posting links in chat is wonkey 3ezy dawt net

Yann Kemper Yann Kemper why did you stop doing gridcosm?

IAmTheOh IAmTheOh lots of reasons

Yann Kemper Yann Kemper also what's 3ezy?

IAmTheOh IAmTheOh its just a place to upload pictures that gives you links so we can look at each others stuff

Yann Kemper Yann Kemper ok

Yann Kemper Yann Kemper so do I use the full grid or just the photo I'm trying to blend

IAmTheOh IAmTheOh

IAmTheOh IAmTheOh you should copy the middle square onto your canvas

Yann Kemper Yann Kemper wow

IAmTheOh IAmTheOh i usually screen shot the 450 x 450

Yann Kemper Yann Kemper did you have a former account?

IAmTheOh IAmTheOh on cosm?

Yann Kemper Yann Kemper and the 450 x 450 is the full grid

Yann Kemper Yann Kemper yeah

Yann Kemper Yann Kemper on cost

Yann Kemper Yann Kemper cosmm

IAmTheOh IAmTheOh yeah i have like 15 its not a secret

Yann Kemper Yann Kemper what brush would one use to do blend?

IAmTheOh IAmTheOh Mirrilis ACTION! is a good program for screen shoting the grid. otherwise you have to like paste into the middle just right

IAmTheOh IAmTheOh you should proble make a 450 x450 and then make the middle (b2) square a different color so you can paste in ez

IAmTheOh IAmTheOh pencil works good sometimes. put usually copy/pasting pices of the image you are blending to is more effective

Yann Kemper Yann Kemper thanks

IAmTheOh IAmTheOh the windows paint colored pencil tool^ does a sort of half and half color if you inkdrop up the color it makes an intermediat and then you can inkbot up that color and get closer

IAmTheOh IAmTheOh but i only use paint the really good cosmers use gimp and photoshop. i use irfanview ms paint add on it has some filters and custom fine rotation and you can use pallette tools to cut things out

Yann Kemper Yann Kemper Thanks for you're help today

Yann Kemper Yann Kemper I'm going to sleep now

Yann Kemper Yann Kemper so I could finish it in the morning

Yann Kemper Yann Kemper goodnight

IAmTheOh IAmTheOh sure thanks for the civility its been getting stupid at cosm lately

IAmTheOh IAmTheOh nighty noodles mgoodles

IAmTheOh IAmTheOh save a files as cosm450 make it 450 x 450 then make the middle square a different color and save so you always have a canvas ready to start blending to b2

IAmTheOh IAmTheOh (%

see gridcomers? you too can learn to be a non-ahole its ez

here you go SJ good luck


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