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Re: my mock hubris help: Viewing a discussion message
by Nata Lukas [nlt SITOme] [email Nata Lukas] 2017-02-02 18:34:53 [36514]
OhKay I'll bite, I'm gored enough to feed your ego trip go fund me.

Not that I'm going to make sense of it for you or anything like that, but more of a blah-dee-day zippity doo dada ping pong ram dam ding dong schlong gong auto generator seed factory kind of way.

in order as asked ye shall be answered

dig? okay then, hear hear here it goes/comes...

destruction is the genesis it's all circular so there

no, unless you believe your head should be firmly planted in your rectum

ineffectuality is a disease that seems to be your alone embrace it

no one knows (or cares) so why am I responding? no one knows (or cares) that was rhetorical side note btw excuse me while I kiss the sky

it magically appeared in the night, yes most likely, I have heard you are like that.

quit with your delusional unanswerable inanities, god is a figment of you imagination

it answer to that is always infinite, I know it blows your mind but what can I say? don't answer that! I'm not seeking a response.

only if you are numismatist and no you are just wasting your time and money unless you are in need of flattened copper disks for your Turkish belly dancing outfit you cameltoe loving sicko

you make it all sound soooo simple, but it ain't is it? (don't answer that, I don't care & neither does nobody, not even you silly hound face)

go ahead and stand up or down or around and be accounted for by the bean counter and the tax man require it the clergy would like you there to for the moral purpose but you need not have any of them if you are right in your head to know right from wrong and how to sing this song you've heard before because your MOTHER sang it to you a million times over and over and now you go on to disappoint her again and again and again...

we all live with a privileged curse but it does not come from above. it comes from within and may eat your innards until you lose your mind, wait, maybe that IS what is going on hear the rot has taken over from within festering like a 10 month wound left unattended to

accounting is for the number crunchers but I'm not certain they care so much for preferences but work mostly with the rules they are given

princible? such dribble, pleasure and pain is hard to distinguish once you have truly blurred the lines it tastes fine from either side

OH only you know that answer to that one, right? obscene it is, yes kind of but only because my mind is twisted and I'm trying really hard hardly knowing what the fuck and not caring too much either but giving it the ol college try anywho, anyhow I do it just to mess with your feeble little hands like Trump's golden orange tan (doesn't it taste great!) I know you think it does, you said so yourself.

hard to insult the imaginary, optimism is overrated and you know it, go ahead and expect the best, you will only be disappointed in the end fella

OMG is definitely an asshole as GOD is ALL and therefore an asshole too SHE wouldn't have it any other way dude

becuz tastebuds bud

all that fixing shit sounds like a personal browser preference whinny pooh, and yes you do if that's what it takes (kids these days!) YOU fucked us with your psychotic overuse of the tags douchebag that one on you OH all your fault fucktard don't get to whine about that one nu uh sorry charlie chicken of the sea C-toe beau beau boo hoo

not a question but I'll answer it anyways, yes we are hypocrites this is a fundamental fact of human nature... anyone who is not is in a stagnant state or a mute

not single question posed in the last 50 sum odd last lines of your little tantrum, but it becomes clear you do not understand this thin called SITOland nor the cosm itself and you envision your place here to be other than what it is you lack the imagination to make it great you need the approval of others to do so and it will never come because you are fundamentally flawed in the regard OH come on get a grip get it together grow some balls and be all that you can be or go home crying in your beer with all your sad crocodile tears SAD :(

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my mock hubris is better ..
I get it

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