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by noh [noh SITOme]  2017-02-02 19:09:12 [36515]
you still don't get it.

finally some honesty.

warning: the message of this content does not neccassarily represent the opinions of the artist.

this is what it is man.

as far as tags thats a ridiculous acertion that i somehow ruined anything. and i remember wasnt JIT the patsy for censoring tags and html lin textiness in his little hissy fit with mrm?

Where was was do your best to help someone grow up haranging then?

this message wasnt even directed at you.

If anything id think i hold your behavior in the highest regard.

but wow way to only now voice your recentments thats fair.

once again you confirm the notion that other contributors should be subject to the opinons of others, that certain "behavior" in the creative process should be prohibited, thatonly the truly righteous have a right to expression but you wont even define that righteousness for us till after the fact.

And when it comes to God that makes it evident to me that you are clearly made in his image.

where do think that jealuosy and sense of ownership even comes from.

well. this has truly been productive.

im not sure why my irony isnt funny to you but

my mock hubri is beter than yours? how do you not see that as comic genius?

Its like all i here is any one that actually gridcosm is a closeted loser?

Like where did i get the idea that any of my desires or opinions could match the validity of the rest of the would when im such whiny petty nuscance.


are fkn seriose? im an american jack ive never rejected anyone the courtesy i expect so i rufuse any obligation i have to be subject to YOUR scrutiny. right? isnt that the irony? well no thats not it at all.

I totally value your opinion. thats the problem!

you dont do anything with it. its all expost facto like i nutrulized everyone feeble creative boners.

its simply your own reflection of tone man

maybe you need to read it 5 times like do.

im not fighting with anyone manyour being silly.

SITO opened the door for thought and how many times do we have to see the same old double standard whwn it come to a persons thoughts?

and you think im the one thats afraid of honesty and the rotten truth.

like everyone know but me and that justifies NO DISCUSSION on anything. no one should ever talk because its just a demonstation of ignorance..

langiuage is to needy

replying is only dignifying that which you yourself refuse to value.

i even tho i value it. other people value it. its not important to you that they but then thats then what you accuse me of. i mess up YOUR gridcosm.

what is the fkn difference.

why dont get that i get it? i understand the paredigm

gridcosm only expresses gridcosm.

why have an emo respons to some medium?

its the fundementals of art101 i mean who are you?

Really nate? Why on earth do you have feelings about gridcosm.

when wil you get it its funy sarcasm goes full circle too man.

i suggest you reread my posts in hushed cheerful tones and appreciate the equality that humor brings.

come on man seriosly?

thats harsh bro.

What is it in the essence of truth the storm eyes your ignorance to the fact that compels you to to reply whe i state in a declartive sentance

"God is most vertainly real"

no no cosm did not want anyone to get to know it

do really want to express who you are or hide it desperatly in ananimity and silence hoping that what you can create and impress someone with actually changes it? SOme fals image of yourself that you project? one that says you must be better than the average trolling ahole? that you are talented and full great qualities? Qualities you wont even seek out in other people (like me) As you create your self identity with art i mean come on. I dont see how arnt exactly the same when it comes to the ideals that matter hear mostly cause i cant see what you are at all unless you express yourelf and what you REALLY THINK! how can i get there when you dont even want to know what someone else thinks.

its ridiculous

You want to be unfair because something was infair. oh but theres no inherent snece of justice and the preference for right in the universe.

go back and kiss his brass ring man you done forgot what love looks like bro

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