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Again how is it any different help: Viewing a discussion message
by Oh / Brock Lee [ohk SITOme]  2017-02-02 20:29:51 [36528]
out of the kindness of their hearts in their free time and like many people have other obligations, bills to pay, mouths to feed, etc.

like i have a feeder tube and colostomy bag?

like my time isnt valuable?

its a 2 way street. sito is nothing without its content.

it would be a sin to defer to the eminence of webmasters for being such indifferent hosts when I make content. YOU make content. What is this a volunteer soup kitchen?

I have a sense of entitlement to what? common sense?

NO i get the feeling i am supposed ot take it as a personal diss to yours truly. and that would be trully petty, that would make gridcosm truly pety. you want YOUR gridcsom to be petty? fine but mine ISNT.

Shit mane your telling me they host sito for the love of sito like thats some sacrifice. thats such a rare idea Doing something of your own freewill, without obligation.

what the hell you think im doing?

Oh wait let me kiss you codes ass while my code gets flush

When have i ever been the double standard?

Im the one with the ability and only option to accept gridcosm for what it is.

if you cant, why do it?

Im exactly what they asked for arent you?

its supposed to open not biased right? or what is it? you medician clique of genex semipsuedointelectuals?

but God forbid someone point out the elephant in the room and make that a subject for expression in itself.

Try watching tv sometime with the realization that its all rehearsed.

look at the real thing stop using art as a wardrobe a costume its fkn nudity. dont body shame my artistic nudity with your adopted selfimposed standards

you may want me to wind up "dissapointed" but i think it almost gets your craw that you know i wont.

fine be jealouse of my "invalid" self aproval.

-Ohs have more fun,



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