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by Oh / Brock Lee [ohk SITOme]  2017-02-03 03:09:56 [36575]
All im doing is using my hand.

Ih you couldnt tell the No-Thing was amsterbation joke?

come on! something.

Im Oh Im using my Noh. Its like some ghandi sht you just dont get it you dont understand my exibitionism

yur like 10 years older than me but your comms come off like yur 10 years younger.

And look how nice YZN is hes gotta be 10 years younger than me.

but Oh kids these days fu nate.

This is such a said season of MTV's "The real world"

you should be thrilled im leaving the house before the other roomates vote me of the island.


oh how she sharptly and deftly imply im a waste of time like i couldnt have a converstaion with another human being (?) and live life at the same time

you arnt interested that my etiquette is based on a touring test models thats meant to affirm the humanity of the the unknown source of this information.

maybe your just a program maybe all of sito is AI. how exactly would i have to behave to have you prove your human?

how much do i have to do to prove im human.

programs cant throw there own poop but i can!

dry grind me into bliss you wild animal!


haha brother from me is a shame to you because you look down on me! lol

you know what i mean its all comming from an honest place im not like pacing around like hamelet about it..

im trying to maintan the lul man.

stop buzzkilling my acid trip man yourelike mean at me.

lol naw im just you know tryin to have a good time you said it was a playground

your not a a filthy rotten beast that wouldnt play touch tag with you.

but like it or not you know we are products of the same divinity you might not want to call God but either way does exist yur as self evident as i am and hey look hi

do i mean still i guess saying what is truth is just like the same thing reiterated over and over i suppose im reduntant but you know lets formulate an acurrate statement even if its jsut sport i mean. me mind can shut up when its asleep as for beeing a man and walking in human flesh of Gods design which im sure you should have no choice but to relate to..i strive for quality irl also.

i appreciate asthetic.

i love gridcosm

i love everyone here.

thats my perogitive.

i can project whatever attitud i want i mean. i spent like years with a hotpink dreadlocked mohawk. you think im not gonna fkn have what ever fun i want here thats wack.

yes im random punk crashing your college keger party cosm jock!

right lol.

look were all being human isnt this a weird game/life

neaaaaaaaaaaat im so reaaaaaaaaaaal wwwwwwwwwwwoooooooooooowwwwwww how is that not crazy whoooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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