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by Oh / Brock Lee [ohk SITOme]  2017-02-12 20:08:10 [36616]
Oh there i go thinking things are all about me again synchonicities of the fake and the real wishes nobody knows the way I feel

Nooone told you the last 50 years of film was coded to timing fields reccurent data and metamediadtabases of popular music and lyrics correlated to the closed captions?

Wow i bet its weird not to know that so like..what do rock lyrics sound like to you? Is it like believing in the tooth fairy? IJFWY

Seriously tho.Hello, Oh here...

Um you can like train your computer fetch them if tying your own shoes is all difficult for you.

Yeah Yeah yeah man of course you can reuse it what you think ppl would do this one at a time?

No way its like imagine every epsisode of what ever laid on top of themselves. its cookie cutter i bet that conversation is a sideview of hurdles.

Yeah silent film and then the transistor. by the time their was a videogame i mean i bet it sucks not to remember the 80's

im not being a prickface its just like wow.

thats like civilian.

youre neat.

Yeah so yeah they realized the positive corelaries wernt as important as the disqualifying error matrixes which all had to share the same intervals so yay for you colving maps are reusable thats right everything synched to everything and noone even invited you to the easter egg hunt or did they

(points and laughs,weeps)

But I dobt its actually the image of the beast i mean. most people are trying not to go insane anyway. its like why did dave grease aldo novas fantasy and flweetwood macs tell me lies on the risk album?

(waves $20 around)

SO imagine if you spent 20 years deocoding reusable movie maps i suppose youd eventually build on and name it after one of the most common closed caption words ever youd probly make all of them like eaglescout badges and cross reference everything to everything ever so as to escape hell.

YOud probably even know how to build universally ingenius shit like a lego special jedi.youd probly do so much coding you actually forgot tons of cool shit you did.

I imagin interviewing superheros and them going

"yeah i guess i did save the world that day by destroying an entire army i almost forgot about that"

But anyway [SURE] isint one of those words that you can make a super map out of. at all. pay no attention to it. I didnt say anything.

and since its not you would also never have to make 1:03 infinite repeater track cuz you wouldnt have masered the 1:00 minute repeater and neaded a bigger one and all that.

you know like the one you had to build on THIS with tenaciousc D THIS = 11:23 "01 Static.wma" (Static 4:18 Static Block Fin 1:00 Diamond Bullocks 6:05) 4:33 "02 The Plan.wma" 3:19 "03 Icebox.wma" 1:36 "04 Kickstand.wma" 5:08 "05 Superunknown.wma" 6:11 "06 Head Down.wma" 5:20 "07 Black Hole Sun.wma" 5:06 "08 Gets Me Through.wma" 4:56 "09 Alive.wma" 5:08 "10 No Easy Way Out.wma" 4:23 "11 Black Illusion.wma" 3:40 "12 Stalemate.wma" 4:30 "13 Zen Brain.wma" 4:34 "14 Reclaim My Place.wma" 3:47 "15 Got The Life.wma" 4:19 "16 Justin (Time).wma" 1:55 "17 ExplosivO.wma"


Yeah so after about 5 years you probably wouldnt even have to reviwe the catelog of 20 or so films that your playlist was in full on closed caption articulate conversations with.

mostly about how badass you are and what a joke life is and all that pride based egocentrism.

you probably wouldnt feel the need to find a place to fill you varacious everlasting need to create and digest synchronious narrative musical video of questionable intent constantly and trade the addiction for some throwback artistic socialism platform.

anyway starplate v a coded key for the "insured" compatability to the list to its dub sourcepool and the frequency and implication of its code name in probably every film ever.

but it functions as a repeater design toward absolution within the tota field of all corny literal truth.

its novel and clever what do you do.

Dude were you born after someone mentioned pink floyd and the wizard of oz?

I almost remember what thats like lol

just go play a cd to a movie with some subtitle. $2o bucks says if you can keep t from saying stupid sht the stars will align and the magical poetry of truth will flood your soul like the light of heaven etc etc.


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Re: Be you angles? /Sure

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you want a tast of my jumbostyle
 noh  17-04-22 12:59
i will eat them
 noh  17-04-22 12:58
 noh  17-04-22 12:57
Re: I gridcosm all day.
 Oh  17-04-22 12:52
I gridcosm all day.
 Oh  17-04-22 12:47
That escalated quickly.
 Sein und Zeit  17-04-22 01:26
Re: [no subject]
 Ed Stastny  17-04-21 22:40
 .  17-04-21 04:44
[no subject]
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 Sein und Zeit  17-04-20 02:40
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Re: [no subject]
 MRM  17-03-24 16:15
[no subject]
 .  17-03-23 23:29
probly cant trust him tho
 Oh  17-03-07 04:13
and OMG I am the winner.
 Oh  17-03-07 03:50
actually the joke was (COSM SYNCH)
 Oh  17-03-07 03:32
MKC and i have history of sharing movie + music synchs
 Oh  17-03-07 03:22
Re: and actually
 .  17-03-07 01:38
and actually
 Oh  17-03-07 01:10
test results
 Oh  17-03-07 00:50
the thing about the runtime arbitrary is
 Oh  17-03-06 19:11
A case in point: Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon + Robert Palmers 'Simply Irresistable'
 Oh  17-03-06 18:17
That would acctually be plausable deniability wouldnt it?
 Oh  17-03-06 17:22
but meh
 Oh  17-03-06 16:34
"...Christ will come at 10:00"
 Oh  17-03-06 16:01
Re: Thank God for jokes.
 Mike Casey  17-03-06 10:07
Thank God for jokes.
 President Cosmo Blenderson  17-03-06 04:48
Re: hi MKC
 Nata Lukas  17-02-22 08:04
Re: hi MKC
 Mike Casey  17-02-22 07:15
hi MKC
 Nata Lukas  17-02-22 04:58
Re: Beautiful Level!
 Sein und Zeit  17-02-16 01:11
Re: Beautiful Level!
 Nata Lukas  17-02-16 00:14
Beautiful Level!
 .  17-02-15 23:46
Cool gridcosm esque zoom.
 .  17-02-13 23:11
Re: or am i way offbase here idk
 Oh / Brock Lee  17-02-12 21:59
Re: StarPlateV / remember Thunder Trucks?
 Oh / Brock Lee  17-02-12 20:36
 Oh / Brock Lee  17-02-12 20:23
 Oh / Brock Lee  17-02-12 20:08
Re: Be you angles? /Sure
 .  17-02-12 16:39
I found it
 Oh / Brock Lee  17-02-12 07:28
Re: Be you angles? /Sure
 Oh / Brock Lee  17-02-11 02:51
Re: Be you angles? /Sure
 Oh / Brock Lee  17-02-11 02:40
Re: Be you angles?
 noh  17-02-11 01:22
Be you angles?
 .  17-02-11 00:06
[no subject]
 .  17-02-09 01:15
Re: Get out of my head SAZ
 Sein und Zeit  17-02-08 21:18
Re: Get out of my head SAZ
 Nata Lukas  17-02-08 18:26
 .  17-02-08 00:57
Re: Get out of my head YZN
 Nata Lukas  17-02-07 21:33
Re: Get out of my head YZN
 .  17-02-07 21:29
Re: Get out of my head YZN
 .  17-02-07 21:29
Re: Get out of my head YZN
 Sein und Zeit  17-02-07 21:16
Get out of my head YZN
 Sein und Zeit  17-02-07 21:14
Re: 4140
 .  17-02-07 03:38
Re: 4140
 Sein und Zeit  17-02-07 03:30
 Nata Lukas  17-02-07 01:50
Re: YZN Blows Goats?
 Oh / Brock Lee  17-02-04 17:37
YZN Blows Goats?
 Oh / Brock Lee  17-02-04 17:14
Re: YZN loves fruit
 Oh / Brock Lee  17-02-04 01:52
Re: YZN loves fruit
 .  17-02-04 01:38
YZN loves fruit
 Oh / Brock Lee  17-02-04 01:36
SAZ in full on God mode
 Oh / Brock Lee  17-02-04 01:32
Why im dedicating the rest my life to gridcosm wether you like it or not (part 1)
 Oh / Brock Lee  17-02-03 20:25
Re: SAZ 4140 A3 is sick
 Oh / Brock Lee  17-02-03 17:40
Its ok to be jeluss of my awesome
 Oh / Brock Lee  17-02-03 17:05
Dear NLT prickface,
 Oh / Brock Lee  17-02-03 16:23
Talking to NLT all day as i dominate him and gridcosm completley
 Oh / Brock Lee  17-02-03 05:55
Ok i made an awesome C3 for 4140
 Oh / Brock Lee  17-02-03 05:39
Ill just do some fat chicks vagina
 Oh / Brock Lee  17-02-03 05:30
How about a bare breaseted african with tags hangin from her nipples and amchete just lobbing one of the moff?
 Oh / Brock Lee  17-02-03 05:24
I bet YZN has never even drank a moxie
 Oh / Brock Lee  17-02-03 05:14
Re: SAZ 4140 A3 is sick
 Nata Lukas  17-02-03 05:03
SAZ 4140 A3 is sick
 Oh / Brock Lee  17-02-03 04:49
I'd play a square but
 Oh / Brock Lee  17-02-03 03:58
 Oh / Brock Lee  17-02-03 03:49
what else did i have on my mind oh yeah if id sunglasses at night to terminator im totally doing this to it
 Oh / Brock Lee  17-02-03 03:45
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