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Re: or am i way offbase here idk help: Viewing a discussion message
by Oh / Brock Lee [ohk SITOme]  2017-02-12 21:59:11 [36619]
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Synergy Projects

Household pleasures HyGrid piece [0.7] The stalk was sure to leave on time. HyGrid piece [0.7] geometry a pleasure giomyart HyGrid piece [0.7] wavesoundpressure HyGrid piece [0.7] Potential=Pleasure In Seekin And Findin HyGrid piece [0.7] counteractive measures HyGrid piece [0.7] We measure out our lives in moments of pretense. HyGrid piece [0.7] Household leisures HyGrid piece [0.7] Gridcosm 60/A2 Few really understand the pleasure of hurling [0.69] Gridcosm 4051/A3 of this that and both things. He's too high up to be in any danger but if this seems fragile then ... [0.69] Gridcosm 818/B1 and hey hay soon eye'm gonna go away for a bit and a while & when I do eye'll be sure and do a ... [0.69] Gridcosm 3870/B2 37 lowdown loud [0.69] Gridcosm 1255/B3 SO I WILL JUST LICK YOUR FRICKIN BOOTS JUST IN CASE YOU ARE SLIGHTLY UNSURE [0.69] Gridcosm 2851/A3 crank hoes pay for pleasure [0.69] Gridcosm 4081/C2 ex ex ex cosm-er we beif not immortalized except immortality then sure [0.69] Gridcosm 3942/B2 theres lended love tho [0.69] Gridcosm 1827/A3 keep your head intact or it's no pleasure, simply [0.69] Gridcosm 3988/A3 like yeah all on _ Sure, Man. Peoples. Qorets and Peys, Buddy. Rig The Game so we can see what A ... [0.69] Gridcosm 1778/B1 That dude sure likes dragons. [0.69] Gridcosm 3253/C2 to be real sure you get your [0.69] Gridcosm 337/A2 Yo baby, gimme a ruler and compass so I can measure your [0.69] Gridcosm 1137/B2 tab fpc sure [0.69] Gridcosm 4030/A2 AmEx I think I love you so what am I so afraid of? I'm afraid that I'm not sure of a love there is ... [0.69] Gridcosm 1424/C2 sure as the will sunshine, she just couldn't leave that dang thing alone! [0.69] Gridcosm 2251/B1 pleasure [0.69] Gridcosm 4079/B2 bane i'm [0.69] Gridcosm 2315/C2 he stammered, when his associates surely thought his views on the error would involve the word ... [0.69] Gridcosm 2946/A2 surely only [0.69] Gridcosm 3562/C3 insured for £1,000,000. [0.69] Gridcosm 3/B3 and we were sunk as sunken treasures [0.69] Gridcosm 17/C1 He said it would be the LAST time...sure. [0.69] Gridcosm 3970/C2 PcaWWWck!SkreeEEt! Aheh hmm hgg. twawk! hhhg. . hmmm. Oh, excuse me, I'm a leaguel eagle with ... [0.69] Gridcosm 518/A1 Adjust them easily with a little twist of the nob for hours of pleasure said [0.69] Gridcosm 679/A1 The Frat Boy with something to prove said: Our intention is to make sure the world is as peaceful ... [0.69] Gridcosm 330/C3 slip sliding down a slope of pure pleasure. [0.69] Gridcosm 346/A2 The freedom of a new level made sure that [0.69] Gridcosm 1927/B3 calm calm calm with a George Kennedy want bubbling inside a pressure cooker [0.69] Gridcosm 1333/A1 Surely Shirley [0.69] Gridcosm 2317/B2 agree calls sure sure park if [0.69] Gridcosm 1114/C2 hello how are you. For al the shit I throw around here I sure don't get much back, but maybe I have [0.69] Gridcosm 3258/A2 I'm not sure what [0.69] Gridcosm 102/B3 as sure as anyone knows him, they are true [0.69] Gridcosm 4053/C2 ctsure of my psyche [0.69] Gridcosm 886/B3 Sure it is the bonafide beef boullion cube. I love it. [0.69] Gridcosm 627/A2 I voted for Nader, I am not sure if it was an Angel or [0.69] Gridcosm 771/C1 taint sure if its 80 or 95 but Bukkakemon handled all dem villans [0.69] Gridcosm 481/C2 Shaw said Your majesty is like a dose of clap. Before you arrive is pleasure, and after is a pain ... [0.69] Gridcosm 1248/A1 They don't own a personal voice, but they can borrow multiple, prima facie unrelated, information ... [0.69] Gridcosm 2603/C1 When bread was surely a [0.69] Gridcosm 338/C2 another round of undeniable beauty for joyful living in sinful pleasure with the monsters from ... [0.69] Gridcosm 2674/C1 oh I'm sure that [0.69] Gridcosm 3966/B2 the it format [0.69] Gridcosm 3990/B2 these had did pause [0.69] Gridcosm 3874/B2 crazy _____________________ sky stone [0.69] Gridcosm 3840/B2 remain dotthis coincided [0.69] Gridcosm 546/B1 can't be sure, but it was like the voice of [0.69] Gridcosm 511/C3 And now what? my ice cream will surely melt [0.69] Gridcosm 3395/A3 hmmm sure but [0.69] Gridcosm 1470/A2 surely [0.69] Gridcosm 587/C2 running on empty again look for the wormhole mike i'm not sure why cuz it has to be i think errr.... [0.69] Gridcosm 980/C2 got back just in time for drastic measures. [0.69] Gridcosm 1198/B1 surely and safely they flew [0.69] Gridcosm 2594/A1 Pretty simple pleasures, tilting the world [0.69] Gridcosm 1031/C2 ght we measured our breast as the pink [0.69] Gridcosm 967/B3 for sure, but the smell of napalm might join [0.69] Gridcosm 3991/B2 sure flatters wed [0.69] Gridcosm 1570/A1 With my pressure-sensitive digital pen, [0.69] Gridcosm 3288/A2 measured by the point of the [0.69] Gridcosm 2591/A1 Implementing stop-quilt measures is always [0.69] Gridcosm 23/C3 and let the world end? You mean "end end?" As in nothingness and all that? Well I'm sure I wouldn't [0.69] Gridcosm 4027/A1 Big Slig is AWOL, SLG-YT is down. We have an apparent SDIA. Recon has transmitted the following ... [0.69] Gridcosm 3163/C2 sure to bring you back [0.69] Gridcosm 1305/C3 Leisure Suit Larry-stylee [0.69] Gridcosm 1546/C3 "Sure! But probably not now..." [0.69] Gridcosm 1584/C2 my gigantic wang in to her port of pleasureful [0.69] Gridcosm 52/C2 but I sure wish the moon was full every night. [0.69] Gridcosm 1224/C2 -- sure if you want to call it that - it may be happening right now [0.69] Gridcosm 785/C1 eXamine it with your eYe 4 if you don't you will sureLy DIE! [0.69] Gridcosm 2838/C1 pilfering pleasures from piping pipers [0.69] Gridcosm 3389/B2 be step stump [0.69] Gridcosm 4005/B2 bag eva icy [0.69] Gridcosm 913/C2 Henry James who visited Millbank penitentuary in1884 made use of his visit. In the novel

"The ... [0.69] Gridcosm 3130/A2 Dear IPD, I completely understand your aesthetic proposal (which was clearly explained) and i was ... [0.69] Gridcosm 935/A1 Blacked out in Chicago for information infinite and inside out for sure thing money [0.69] Gridcosm 3176/B1 is death sureal james? Goodbye eye poet. [0.69] Gridcosm 646/B3 in the end there was chicken-necking for sure [0.69] Gridcosm 3917/B2 speed glad destroy measure [0.69] Gridcosm 434/C3 but I'm sure she did, she was a veritable Cornucopia of fruity goodness. [0.69] Gridcosm 1310/C2 's exposure [0.69] Gridcosm 1820/C3 other measure of refining his breath. [0.69] Gridcosm 811/C1 sunny - sure he'll be at home - ask - keep asking - keep away [0.69] Gridcosm 3960/B2 thyself green [0.69] Gridcosm 1297/A3 everyone was sure to gasp at [0.69] Gridcosm 3834/B2 plays guest align [0.69] Gridcosm 3093/A2 the pleasure [0.69] Gridcosm 4008/A3 The pale eye saw cannibals, severed fingers and fillets of human flesh. So be sure to think about ... [0.69] Gridcosm 1092/A3 , yes there are brokers through every state and every town but handling the pressure of the floor ... [0.69] Gridcosm 1391/C3 but the roti felt very unsure where he was [0.69] Gridcosm 2294/B2 there sure i us what [0.69] Gridcosm 554/C2 for simple Crayola pleasures. [0.69] Gridcosm 957/C1 in and out like a dream, I'm not sure if I'm caught in a tape loop because there are differences ... [0.69] Gridcosm 2361/C3 ... that's for sure! [0.69] Gridcosm 1045/C3 was.... I mean, I guess I haven't heard it, but I'm sure it has some important stuff to say. [0.69] Gridcosm 1275/A2 and surely [0.69] Gridcosm 206/B1 incrementally worried pleasure [0.69] Gridcosm 769/C1 oh sure - the long arm could not reach the nose [0.69] Gridcosm 2900/C3 by measure. [0.69] Gridcosm 3984/B2 music current imagine [0.69] Gridcosm 2376/C3 byronic kebab glob // The penultimate fate of ungrammatical crudites // Oh, don't be a blob, you ... [0.69] Gridcosm 1680/C1 if you fuck up ! It is rumored that the Swiss team has attempted to sabotage our effort to win a ... [0.69] Gridcosm 264/C1 even indecent exposure. [0.69] Gridcosm 256/B3 slowly but surely adjusting to the strange new familiarity [0.69] Gridcosm 517/C1 with the comfortable adjustable elastic strap that allows you to wear this beauty under clothing ... [0.69] Gridcosm 599/C3 sure as there's a hole in the ozone I'm gonna create and distribute her abstract likeness. Man's ... [0.69] Gridcosm 780/A1 Surely Shirley [0.69] Gridcosm 3986/B2 press hot no [0.69] Gridcosm 3289/B3 buried pirate treasure [0.69] Gridcosm 1547/B3 of the following fact, I'm sure you'll find it really fascinating: [0.69] Gridcosm 687/C1 Well, she wasn't sure, but it didn't taste right. So she hopped on the internet and found that head [0.69] Gridcosm 3936/A2 and be sure to check the calendar every [0.69] Gridcosm 4025/A3 This song, Echoes, Across The Universe: "
You say not Buy Andyou say Hi Oh. Hi Hi, Hi Oh! I do know ... [0.69] Gridcosm 4034/C1 Here is what Data should fall into my ARM's Mali Graphics Processing Unit . Just when he was ... [0.69] Gridcosm 4085/B3 swag sure we are gays . Origami Erection Sexual resigned [0.69] Gridcosm 1029/A1 Collectively they managed to churn out yet another less than inspired level of play (or should we ... [0.69] Gridcosm 2189/B1 haha sure [0.69] Gridcosm 1254/A1 I'm not sure why they want him, but they are calling him names. Their poster reads: [0.69] Gridcosm 43/B3 making sure my hand was in his horse [0.69] Gridcosm 4026/A2 Larry licks about the illusion of layer at leisure, little [0.69] Gridcosm 823/C1 sure . [0.69] Gridcosm 324/B3 scrunching until pleasure loses its meaning [0.69] Gridcosm 1968/C1 James. I'm not sure now, but I think I saw [0.69] Gridcosm 429/C3 which is why it took the swiftness of Sister Mary Machinegun to assure the pigs that we're all ... [0.69] Gridcosm 1306/B3 A sure Patriotic unpatriotic antibiotic [0.69] Gridcosm 1136/C2 surely - it was sporgery [0.69] Gridcosm 2402/A1 newsies will defend their jobs for sure [0.69] Gridcosm 3391/B2 assai peg fig [0.69] Gridcosm 2578/A3 finding treasure, [0.69] Gridcosm 463/B2 bathing in a translucent pleasure symphony [0.69] Gridcosm 3995/B1 implying 'The (9 to) "5" Guise', would not Tarna Sure-Quest to G'rid a Locnar, sissies. [0.69] Gridcosm 2094/C2 making sure the stir fry was [0.69] Gridcosm 1824/A1 Under pressure from the USA, the substance was banned and criminalized worldwide in 1966, [0.69] Gridcosm 1967/C1 but now I'm not so sure. [0.69] Gridcosm 2504/B2 to make penetrates collaborative sure virtual [0.69] Gridcosm 3337/C2 for sure we [0.69] Gridcosm 2079/B1 - are YOUR shorts in a knot, Bunky? UNSURE about HOW or WHERE to stuff it? JOIN TODAY!!! - [0.69] Gridcosm 698/A2 Sure he's president, but can he type? [0.69] Gridcosm 806/A1 Tree eyes in dis guy's fer sure, [0.69] Gridcosm 466/B1 makers. He did not know why he felt the way he did, he had not always been unsure, [0.69] Gridcosm 170/C3 for the lingering visions and blistering promise of ghostly distant pleasure. [0.69] Gridcosm 454/A3 I dunno, Frank. I can slide headfirst, and I can hit all day long, but what is which and why the ... [0.69] Gridcosm 1631/B1 surely, [0.69] Gridcosm 3459/C3 or the gold duck? The answer can surely be found in the death star cocoon. But it's probably one of [0.69] Gridcosm 366/A1 The cataclysmic peer pressure [0.69] Gridcosm 4064/C3 orng we sir the watch tour name ntv o tv i c i drinking problems like airplane movies except ... [0.69] Gridcosm 2736/B3 to ensure beef deal won't be violated [0.69] Gridcosm 3945/C3 sure [0.69] Gridcosm 1563/B1 and he was snatched, upward, by the angles of the machine and the swift justice of exposure and luck [0.69] Gridcosm 3510/A1 t'feel wit' surety [0.69] Gridcosm 2217/A2 hmm yeah sure. [0.69] Gridcosm 3238/A1 However, I am quite sure that the [0.69] Gridcosm 946/B3 sure i'm supposed to tie the ends together not start my break [0.69] Gridcosm 355/B1 I'll do something silly for sure! [0.69] Gridcosm 3486/A3 to make measurements from circuits. [0.69] Gridcosm 1675/C1 In small proportions we just beauties see, And in short measures, life may perfect be. Ben Jonson [0.69]
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