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Artist Bertrand Eberhard
Re: sailing from bermuda to england help: Viewing a discussion message
by Robert Dale Anderson [baz SITOme] [email Robert Dale Anderson] 2000-08-30 00:31:22 [445]
So Bertrand, I must ask you:

Looking at this photograph, which I think is a more than OK travel photograph but not exceptionally beautiful, where is the beauty in it? What is it that you mean by beauty? Is not your "wow" statement just something you have an opinion about and think is there rather than something "that just is" there, inherant within it?

An open question to all: why, when I'm sure we all have very strong opinions, for and against, certain music and movies, are all of you such wimps about airing straight forwared opinions about art on SITO, especially negative ones. Do you all think polka and opera is "wow!!beatiful!!I Agree!!"

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