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by Ed Stastny [oed SITOme] [email Ed Stastny] 2002-06-29 01:54:16 [4890]
Please take a moment to answer the short questionairre at this URL: Participants <>

SITO friend Elisa Giaccardi is doing a research project and needs the answers as soon as possible. I believe the deadline is July 4th.

Here is a description given to me by Elisa:

Net Art and Meta-Design: Collaboration and Co-Creation

There is a development in art that seems to have some overlap with a meta-design approach to interaction. An analysis of case studies from the field of interactive art highlights a relationship between authorship and intersubjectivity-in terms of a relation between creation and design-that takes place in interactive art and that is particularly exploited within some artistic collaborative systems based on digital networking.

This relationship raises a number of questions: How do these systems sustain the processes that lead to intersubjective creativity? How can collaboration lead to co-creation? On the basis of what initial conditions and interactive properties is co-creation experienced? What interactive strategies (in terms of motivations and mechanisms) and interaction rules are used? Finally, what kind of activities does the interface allow users to perform?

Through an analysis of different typologies and qualities of both interactivity and agency, exploited within some artistic collaborative systems, this presentation will address issues at the convergence between aesthetics and HCI. Such issues raise fundamental philosophical questions, and can contribute to the development of a meta-design culture and practice.

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blues invasion in a minor
 cjw  14-02-01 09:08
Re: I need to step up my game just a tiny bit
 cjw  14-02-01 09:03
I need to step up my game just a tiny bit
 Mike Huber  13-09-30 18:52
boppin bobs
 Devon Eckstein  13-03-01 15:49
Re: flyin' away
 single random dot  12-02-10 21:15
quacking off
 single random dot  12-02-10 21:12
Re: flyin' away
 Etienne  11-06-03 00:57
flyin' away
 quackling  11-06-02 21:22
Re: Viewer Change
 Thursday  10-11-28 07:22
Re: Viewer Change
 Etienne  10-11-27 03:21
Viewer Change
 Thursday  10-11-26 22:38
Re: This is fun
 Etienne  10-11-15 05:47
This is fun
 Thursday  10-11-15 05:43
Re: Tampo
 guest  09-12-22 09:57
Re: Tampo
 guest  09-12-22 09:57
Re: Tampo
 guest  09-12-22 09:57
Re: It's been a while
 Etienne  09-07-05 22:11
It's been a while
 Mike Huber  09-07-05 21:35
Supposed to be wurmhoel'd....
 beanbag amerika  09-02-08 21:32
Hygrid needs posters!
 Etienne  09-02-07 18:41
 Etienne  09-01-05 01:04
sea in bedroom myart
 Etienne  08-12-09 23:52
 GIOMYART  08-11-13 00:09
We need life in hygrid
 Etienne  08-11-09 15:29
sunset trees
 GIOMYART  08-11-06 19:05
fading to red
 GIOMYART  08-11-06 19:03
the voice
 Jon Van Oast  08-10-29 04:07
Line 300
 Jon Van Oast  08-10-23 06:30
Re: Sunshine for my Sunshine
 Kilbo  08-07-08 20:48
Sunshine for my Sunshine
 Jon Van Oast  08-06-13 06:43
full immersion
 single random dot  08-05-15 14:06
We Go Where We Want To
 Jon Van Oast  07-11-15 06:27
 Jon Van Oast  07-11-15 06:24
 Jon Van Oast  07-11-15 06:23
Sucking on the Cow
 Jon Van Oast  07-11-15 06:22
Portrait of the artist as a young git.
 Nata Lukas  07-10-12 06:06
 guest  07-10-02 13:40
 Jon Van Oast  07-09-03 07:14
Re: new life! live, revive!
 Gordon Schumacher  07-07-12 15:28
Re: new life! live, revive!
 Jon Van Oast  07-07-11 05:20
new life! live, revive!
 Gordon Schumacher  07-07-11 04:44
 Jon Van Oast  07-04-17 07:38
Re: hygrid surge
 Hugh  06-11-13 18:23
Re: hygrid surge
 Jon Van Oast  06-10-31 17:11
Re: hygrid surge
 beanbag amerika  06-10-31 14:38
hygrid surge
 Jon Van Oast  06-10-31 05:39
Gasometers In Love
 Hugh  06-07-15 22:19
Re: stars
 Jon Van Oast  06-05-10 17:17
Re: stars
 Nata Lukas  06-05-10 05:05
Re: stars
 single random dot  06-05-09 18:01
Re: stars
 Jon Van Oast  06-05-09 17:41
 single random dot  06-05-09 11:14
wonderful waters, RAJ!
 Eva Hochreutener - EHO  06-03-15 01:17
fuZSion in a bottle
 Jon Van Oast  06-03-12 23:04
the acid rain's breath
 Jon Van Oast  06-02-06 00:35
six years and 10,000 pixels.
 Jon Van Oast  06-01-24 11:16
the good old days...
 Jon Van Oast  05-11-15 01:58
 Jon Van Oast  05-11-07 17:16
sumo dance!
 Jon Van Oast  05-11-02 11:30
 Jon Van Oast  05-10-27 18:11
 Jon Van Oast  05-08-05 03:29
Re: Tile ended up in wrong position!
 Sein und Zeit  05-01-19 16:26
Re: Tile ended up in wrong position!
 Sein und Zeit  05-01-18 04:55
Re: Tile ended up in wrong position!
 Jon Van Oast  05-01-18 01:22
Tile ended up in wrong position!
 Sein und Zeit  05-01-17 21:04
the year was 1996....
 Jon Van Oast  04-11-28 02:32
nice time lapse!
 Jon Van Oast  04-11-23 03:07
Re: hygrid : how does this works?
 Jon Van Oast  04-11-22 00:47
hygrid : how does this works?
 Just In Time JIT  04-11-21 12:18
Re: good to see an old face
 Jon Van Oast  04-10-20 07:52
Re: good to see an old face
 Martin Goebel  04-10-19 11:26
good to see an old face
 Jon Van Oast  04-10-11 00:27
 Jon Van Oast  04-09-29 06:47
urban decay
 Jon Van Oast  04-08-29 03:50
some life to hygrid
 Jon Van Oast  04-08-26 17:35
the hoel truth
 Jon Van Oast  04-02-19 02:39
hygrid flashback? (was Re: on the nose)
 Jon Van Oast  04-01-31 08:51
 Jon Van Oast  03-12-21 04:59
Re: Excellent blend, dev!
 Devon Eckstein  03-08-19 20:56
Excellent blend, dev!
 Sea Chum Joke  03-08-18 21:06
yto more like wtf am i rite
 Sea Chum Joke  03-08-18 16:51
Re: EHO-grid
 Ed Stastny  03-07-29 23:53
Welcome to HyGrid, WEB!
 Ed Stastny  03-03-12 06:19
Itsy Bitsy HyGrid
 Ed Stastny  03-03-11 00:54
HyGrid and Gridcosm Questionairre
 Ed Stastny  02-06-29 01:54
Re: Do you ever . . .
 Kristen McQuillin  01-10-16 11:10
Re: Do you ever . . .
 Zoo  01-10-16 01:23
Re: abandoned it?
 Paolo Dollorenzo  01-05-30 10:38
Re: abandoned it?
 Eva Hochreutener - EHO  01-05-29 17:05
abandoned it?
 Paolo Dollorenzo  01-05-29 16:36
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