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by John Hopkins [jch SITOme]  2003-04-13 03:51:19 [6439]
the time has almost arrived: welcome to di-fusion!

date//time: 09:00 18.April - 09:00 19.April.2003 (GMT-6) Boulder 11:00 18.April - 11:00 19.April.2003 (GMT-4) New York 16:00 18.April - 16:00 19.April.2003 (GMT+1) London 18:00 18.April - 18:00 19.April.2003 (GMT+3) Helsinki 20:30 18.April - 20:30 19.April.2003 (GMT+5:30) New Delhi 01:00 19.April - 01:00 20.April.2003 (GMT+10) Sydney

live location: Sibell-Wolle Fine Arts Building, Techne Labs - N274/5 University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado, USA

URL: <di>fusion 18-19 april 2003 <> (check the web site for the latest schedule and connection info) audio/video stream:

di-fusion is a live & online open-platform happening for creative expression and action. The happening will simultaneously occupy global network spaces and a local physical space with collaborative performance, sound, music, DJ/VJ, and video events. We will be streaming audio and video during the entire 24 hours as well as hosting a variety of local and remote activities. We will be joined by brandshof (DE), illogik crew (IT), Alliance Plastique (USA), expand (FI), OiMa (UK), Planetary Nebula (USA), mi_ga (DE/LU), rigasound (LT), The Eastern Multi-Locus Feed Back (CZ), Improbable Radio Orchestra (DE), AcousticSpace (LT), dj_ken_guru (FI), elektro80 (NO), meshfm and neoscenes (USA) among other groups and individuals who will be networked with us as well.

the web site details the ways you can connect with us live. join us!

IRC server/channel (newnet): #di-fusion (,,,,, Habbo Hotel room: fusion pad iVisit room: Education / Universities / More Rooms / di-fusion

di-fusion: deployed as neoscenes occupation project #5 -- designed to bring together people, networks, learning, and creative action. more info may be found at neoscenes occupation <>.

di-fusion: launched by the TECHNE practice-based research initiative at the University of Colorado at Boulder, USA, and is brought to you by the students in the FINE-4126 Advanced Digital Art course in collaboration with their teacher, visiting artist, John Hopkins.

please circulate this invitation!

Active/New discussions on SITO have been moved to Google Groups.

Please check out the SITO general and Gridcosm topics over there.

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