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hygrid flashback? (was Re: on the nose) help: Viewing a discussion message
by Jon Van Oast [uwi SITOme] [email Jon Van Oast] 2004-01-31 08:51:03 [8306]
"(...I still don't grasp Hygrid - Wurmholes? - heads, tails? - etc.) ;-)"

its fun, in a way, to hear this little thread about hygrid pop up, even if it is about how confusing it is.

lets not forget that hygrid used to be the sito:synergy project to play on, as gridcosm was just a twinkle in eds eye. and, in its day, it caused much confusion! granted, the growing/flowing playspace made for a little less, um, tense environment concerning the "blendy vs quilty" flamewar, but it still had its flare-ups.

hygrid is, of course, still alive (and even active!); and all are welcome to play. just imagine a little tiny "cross" version of gridcosm -- a center piece with NORTH SOUTH EAST and WEST pieces off of it. simple sounding, no? no!

and dont EVEN get me started on wurmhoels! no one can explain those. i have no idea how ed and i even managed to program those to "work" "right". whatever that means.

(maybe i will go do a 4-way wurmhoel, just to see if i CAN.)

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