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Artist Jewel
Does Ms. Jewel have a real email address..?? help: Viewing a discussion message
by guest   2004-02-01 19:20:15 [8326]

Hi!!! I really need Jewel's, The REAL Jewel, the wonderful, creative, captivating singer, song writer, and artist....This involves her knowledge of any poet or writer scholarships to go to the conventions that would help and motivate, even more poet's out here who have been told are very, very good and are just starting to do this seriously, like myself...I am a poet, song writer, artist and want to be a writer/poet full-time and I don't know what it takes because we are a family of 3. I have no schooling in any of these subject, but I am always open to learn,and explore who I am...I had a very awful childhood so that is why now is the time...I KNOW I can do this...We have a child who is ADHD, severly, and bipolar, He is a wonderful child of 9 years old very creative and wonderful in his own right...We just can't afford these classes or conventions, which I need...I have been honorly invited in the begining of March 2004 to attend the Disney World Poet's convention and I received the Editor's choice award for my poem "The Tree"...Any help in this area would be so helpful... I am not asking for a handout at all...just a way that I can somehow find the funds to do what I need to do...Because I am talented enough, and that took me too long to accept. This is what I want to do full time. Any help to find her email or if someone knows any other options that would be wonderful~~...Thank You so much for listening, or reading, I should say... Michelle Renee Ford ~ I am listed under Poetry.Com, the one that says ""The Tree"", because there are so many Michelle Ford's out there, I am Michelle Renee Ford....My email address is or you may write me at: Michelle Ford PO BOX 1171 Norris, TN 37828 (865)494-6890 Thank you,again, so very, very much!! Michelle

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