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by Mike Casey [mkc SITOme]  2004-04-29 20:44:46 [9003]
"MKC, I don't know what crawled up your butt to make you take my post as harshly as you did."

You crawled up my butt, SNZ. That's why I got all grumpy.

When EHO, for example, does 4 or 5 grids a level, nobody's whining about gridhogging. And that's good, because that would be lame to complain.

When I do even fewer grids, you start up with the whining about the gridhogging.

So it's not actually based on how much gridding is being done, so it's obviously not really about gridhogging and it turns out it never was. That's why I find the topic completely obnoxious.

I understand that I am annoying to many of you and EHO is lovable. But that's why it's gridhogging when I do it. And the reason that I'm saying that you can go fuck yourself, SNZ, is that I don't like someone pissing on me and telling me it's liquid sunshine. I don't like you saying 'can we all gridhog a little less?' when what you really mean is 'hey MKC, you and/or your contributions to the grid are annoying me.' But the part that pisses me off is that you are rallying for the other people here to dislike me - that's the reason to start up the gridhog bullshit again, that's the reason to point out my 1px (when 1px happens all the time and nobody bitches about it), but here's the clincher, that's the reason you post my private email to you here. 'Hey everybody, let's hate MKC. Let's look real hard at what a jerk he is.'

That's been done and overdone before. To me and to others. And I guess everyone had their fun in their little circle jerk of hate. Now you're trying to start up a new circle jerk, and I'm saying don't be a faggy little snatch about it. Don't hide behind 'concerns for the grid.'

I care about the grid. To the point that even though I suspected your gridhogging concerns might partly be an asshole move to see if you could ruin some of my fun, I gave you the benefit of the doubt and did fewer grids per level to see if that would cheer you up. I figured it was worth a try to see if it made people want to contribute more even though I was more or less sure that it wasn't about that.

Your post about 1px wasn't funny. All those "Hey you kinda suck, tee hee." jokes aren't jokes. They're just little dickwads' way of insulting people. And I don't need you telling me to be more careful. Your not my mom.

"Attacking my art in retaliation was very lame,"

When did I attack your art? I said that you personally are a douche bag. All I said about your art is that you are literally busting your ass making it.


But for the record, I think most of your grids are cool. But I'm not a real artist either, so who gives a shit?

Look, the bottom line is that I like the grid. I'm not trying to fuck up anybody's shit. I just want to make my little pictures in peace and I'm trying my best to play nice. My favorite thing is when we all make an effort to create a single image or at least a nice theme or at least continuity. I can see who's helping and who's hurting that, but whatever the case, I keep my mouth shut about it and let people try to enjoy themselves.

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you want a tast of my jumbostyle
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i will eat them
 noh  17-04-22 12:58
 noh  17-04-22 12:57
Re: I gridcosm all day.
 Oh  17-04-22 12:52
I gridcosm all day.
 Oh  17-04-22 12:47
That escalated quickly.
 Sein und Zeit  17-04-22 01:26
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Re: [no subject]
 MRM  17-03-24 16:15
[no subject]
 .  17-03-23 23:29
probly cant trust him tho
 Oh  17-03-07 04:13
and OMG I am the winner.
 Oh  17-03-07 03:50
actually the joke was (COSM SYNCH)
 Oh  17-03-07 03:32
MKC and i have history of sharing movie + music synchs
 Oh  17-03-07 03:22
Re: and actually
 .  17-03-07 01:38
and actually
 Oh  17-03-07 01:10
test results
 Oh  17-03-07 00:50
the thing about the runtime arbitrary is
 Oh  17-03-06 19:11
A case in point: Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon + Robert Palmers 'Simply Irresistable'
 Oh  17-03-06 18:17
That would acctually be plausable deniability wouldnt it?
 Oh  17-03-06 17:22
but meh
 Oh  17-03-06 16:34
"...Christ will come at 10:00"
 Oh  17-03-06 16:01
Re: Thank God for jokes.
 Mike Casey  17-03-06 10:07
Thank God for jokes.
 President Cosmo Blenderson  17-03-06 04:48
Re: hi MKC
 Nata Lukas  17-02-22 08:04
Re: hi MKC
 Mike Casey  17-02-22 07:15
hi MKC
 Nata Lukas  17-02-22 04:58
Re: Beautiful Level!
 Sein und Zeit  17-02-16 01:11
Re: Beautiful Level!
 Nata Lukas  17-02-16 00:14
Beautiful Level!
 .  17-02-15 23:46
Cool gridcosm esque zoom.
 .  17-02-13 23:11
Re: or am i way offbase here idk
 Oh / Brock Lee  17-02-12 21:59
Re: StarPlateV / remember Thunder Trucks?
 Oh / Brock Lee  17-02-12 20:36
 Oh / Brock Lee  17-02-12 20:23
 Oh / Brock Lee  17-02-12 20:08
Re: Be you angles? /Sure
 .  17-02-12 16:39
I found it
 Oh / Brock Lee  17-02-12 07:28
Re: Be you angles? /Sure
 Oh / Brock Lee  17-02-11 02:51
Re: Be you angles? /Sure
 Oh / Brock Lee  17-02-11 02:40
Re: Be you angles?
 noh  17-02-11 01:22
Be you angles?
 .  17-02-11 00:06
[no subject]
 .  17-02-09 01:15
Re: Get out of my head SAZ
 Sein und Zeit  17-02-08 21:18
Re: Get out of my head SAZ
 Nata Lukas  17-02-08 18:26
 .  17-02-08 00:57
Re: Get out of my head YZN
 Nata Lukas  17-02-07 21:33
Re: Get out of my head YZN
 .  17-02-07 21:29
Re: Get out of my head YZN
 .  17-02-07 21:29
Re: Get out of my head YZN
 Sein und Zeit  17-02-07 21:16
Get out of my head YZN
 Sein und Zeit  17-02-07 21:14
Re: 4140
 .  17-02-07 03:38
Re: 4140
 Sein und Zeit  17-02-07 03:30
 Nata Lukas  17-02-07 01:50
Re: YZN Blows Goats?
 Oh / Brock Lee  17-02-04 17:37
YZN Blows Goats?
 Oh / Brock Lee  17-02-04 17:14
Re: YZN loves fruit
 Oh / Brock Lee  17-02-04 01:52
Re: YZN loves fruit
 .  17-02-04 01:38
YZN loves fruit
 Oh / Brock Lee  17-02-04 01:36
SAZ in full on God mode
 Oh / Brock Lee  17-02-04 01:32
Why im dedicating the rest my life to gridcosm wether you like it or not (part 1)
 Oh / Brock Lee  17-02-03 20:25
Re: SAZ 4140 A3 is sick
 Oh / Brock Lee  17-02-03 17:40
Its ok to be jeluss of my awesome
 Oh / Brock Lee  17-02-03 17:05
Dear NLT prickface,
 Oh / Brock Lee  17-02-03 16:23
Talking to NLT all day as i dominate him and gridcosm completley
 Oh / Brock Lee  17-02-03 05:55
Ok i made an awesome C3 for 4140
 Oh / Brock Lee  17-02-03 05:39
Ill just do some fat chicks vagina
 Oh / Brock Lee  17-02-03 05:30
How about a bare breaseted african with tags hangin from her nipples and amchete just lobbing one of the moff?
 Oh / Brock Lee  17-02-03 05:24
I bet YZN has never even drank a moxie
 Oh / Brock Lee  17-02-03 05:14
Re: SAZ 4140 A3 is sick
 Nata Lukas  17-02-03 05:03
SAZ 4140 A3 is sick
 Oh / Brock Lee  17-02-03 04:49
I'd play a square but
 Oh / Brock Lee  17-02-03 03:58
 Oh / Brock Lee  17-02-03 03:49
what else did i have on my mind oh yeah if id sunglasses at night to terminator im totally doing this to it
 Oh / Brock Lee  17-02-03 03:45
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