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by jonathan prince [dgt SITOme]  2001-08-16 04:11:08 [2789]
Rall Rules - he's also a good editorialist as well, which few know about.

R. Crumb - seen, Ghost World yet? The director of Ghost World did the documentary on R Crumb (which I have not seen). I didn't know that little tidbit but while I watched the movie I kept thinking about the background characters in Ghost World and how Crumbisn they are - so I was pleased to learn more later about the connection.

other irrelevant thoughts, I keep getting this spam in the email offering '50,000 emails' to spam other people - the irony of this seems to be lost on the spammer.

But for $29.99 I can buy spam in a can.

$29.99 and a working smtp we could spam the world with subject headings like the ones I got just today:

'Let Us Show You How To Eliminate Your Debts - Free Counseling' 'Would you like to quit your job?' 'We can save you THOUSANDS!!!' 'Snowhite and the Seven Dwarfs - The REAL story!' 'Hottest Horniest Teen Virgins ONLINE' 'Space Is The Place, Join The Race!' '75% off your Life Insurance'

And then direct all those lonely souls to the gridcosm for some perverse reason that I have not determined yet.

Enough! I say, with all the bemoaning of the commercialization of Art, let us democratize art and commercialize it at the same time with SPAM!

Make and remake the attention economy with art, I say.

ok, stupid idea, never mind.


kill your tv dot com <>

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