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my mock hubris is better than yours help: Viewing a discussion message
by Oh / Brock Lee [ohk SITOme]  2017-02-02 16:42:30 [36510]

this whole thing makes about as much sense as i can make of it.

The world of ones experience may seem to display the virtue of being proactive but isnt the greater virtue to avoid being destructive?

Should one not strive for certain ineffectuality as it pertains to an actions conclusions and consequence?

lest that range of effect, of the actios of your volition, find the end of its potential in ineffectuality to some greater future event.

Perhaps the world is dynamic and synergistc, but is there not a certain amount of inefectuality wholly inherent to an action?

what am i even talking about?

You cant even find it listed on certain top 10 difference between Calvinism and the Armenian perspective, wether prophecy and the omniscience of God require a singular future and fate, which is somehow no different than the mechanical cause and effect equal and opposite reaction deterministic view of science which has yet to account for self awareness in its purely physical world view (because theyd just build the skynet matrix if they did right(maybe their the ones pushing purely deluded hoax of genetic macro-evolution(hold on honey we can breed after i evolve a stiffy in a few million lifetimes oh wait. when does the food get here?! 9 billion years im starving! di i just come from nothing? did you just make me come from nothing you could mechanical sonof a bitch! kill eat fuk raaaa!)))

or the idea that the future is conditionl, that self awareness, applied to a vision of the future and manifested thru choice, determine the outcome life's events, that A purely self sufficient, omniscient mind would know every possible future in an infinitude of contingencies?

How many ways can you make the sam future happen?

does it matter which penny you put on the track if the train still flattens it? will the wheat penny derail it and the 1999 simply become a novelty?

How can you limit that mind to a singular future so ordained when all one needs to fulfill a prophecy is to make that future happen in omnipotency?

Is the idea that everyone ever is somehow completly unaccountable (not just thru ignorance but an innefectuality by or collective contribution to, an inevitable future), or equally culpable in the creation of some divinly ordained (or requested?) future, a basis for social equality and morality?

its beside the point because we know life is contingent AND we know theres only one outcome that is manifested.

THis is the basis for responsibility not just because we our selves suffer the outcomes of our choices but because the continually creating God has obliged itself draw from the infinutude of its knowledge of all (multiple) possibilities (nb the rott POSSIBLE) to manifest the outcomes of our choices.

Is accountability to a creator that you yourselef influence to create a priviledge or a curse?

Perhaps you dont believe that the omniscient mind is constantly and consistantly supporting sustaining and manifesting the reality you percieve. Maybe there is a amddle man or thing that the world is a mechanisim such a creator only fiddles with...

Maybe thats beside the point

All the facts and perspective depend on personal experiance and the law of preference.

And how do you even account for preference?

Don't tell my you don't know what you like or what you don't.

Maybe thats not part of this little experiment but what human doesnt contend that the will is ruled by the pleasure/pain princible?

Why do oranges taste good? I KNOW YOU MADe THEM ITS NOT AN ACCIDENT!


Fill my fkn electro cloud or i will not bond with you!

(Thats what SHE said!)

WHy Oh WHy do i love to LMAO-I and whats the "I" mean? Canne the truth be scene? Help me count my bean For coffee is divine! see what i mean? Just a golden mean? Why you so mean if its something you cant define?

Why insult the character of your creator benifactor with anything less than pure omptimism?

Oh what you think God is an asshole?

I would suppose that as long as me make that assumption based on our persepective our experiences will only support it.

It would serve us right.

Thats why people hope for perfection, wether they help make it happen or avoid its prevention.

why is yummy?

deeeeeeeeeerrrr (singsong). nyanyanyanya


er whatever

lets all just assume were bunch of aholes and not be awesome.

Maybe someone could spend march 31 Fixing the animator, relinking the flash view. fixing the broken upload graph. Do i have to open the image in another tab know just to copy it?maybe it my bowser. Oh wow the artchive actually slideshows again my lord. I know anothe unmentionable that should befixed. how bout someone brings back tags and stop being a supressive ninnie?


Im good.

Willingness to contribute is the fundemental garuntee to the right to contribute.

otherwise everyone here is a hypocrite.

and is its just some shitty attempt to antogonize, which robbed every contributors dignity in denying them the expressions of html textiness they chose to contribute, i will not coerced into some childish backlash against my own artistic temple.

or maybe the church builders think they own the place.

Whats up gridcosm creators clearly you think you have some soverigty over gridcosm.

Clearly you dont think gridcosm belongs equally to the artists.

Oh maybe its just for the olschoolers who are "invited"

either way the integrity of gridcosm stands DEFUCT as long as Tags and html textiness are invisible.

I dont get what i want to do, make synchs to gridcosm, which i think is none of "Ed" or "Johns" business.

Really i should be able to post pictures of reatards everytime but something tells me someone with the what seems to be a twenty FIRST century idea, to have the audacity to at this point moderate and censor gridcosm or individual contributors

I shouldnt have to worry wether you like me or not i shouldnt have to give a fk


MAybe you SHOULD invite me.

MAybe you should say to all thos 'vet's who clearly dont give a sht to waaste time with what indelibly becomes this social morass and debacle.

Ive' seen cosm be great but somehow when its MY TURN to contribute to greatness i get shafted by nothing but mrrrrm as i writhe in the shame of cosm indifference and obstrcution.

Maybe you should spend the 31 forming a guild of cosmers who pledge themselves to some mandate of excellence...

ppl pledged to communicate and

who dont excude silent disdain and thrill in passive agressive subtlties and bitchmade bullshit.

whatever im not gonna do anything but whine till i start to get the feeling that you all dont just want to and waste my time and make me feel shitty.

Maybe you someon should kiss the awols asses and assure them that they are valued.

Maybe look for some consensus to recreate an atmosphere of positivity and colaboration and respect here at gridcosm.

apperently theres only one benefit of the doubt and im the only who has it even tho i keep giving it away to this currently pointless indeavor.

oh it only JUST NOW occured to me that maybe im the asshole.

where did i get this idiotic notion that it even mattered.

What ridiculous perpose for my existence could there be but to pleas other ppl

so sorry i didnt satisfy YOUR preference and expectation of gridcosm

my crap is just soo bad or soo just not good enough what a daft moron i must be to not take the hint and spare everyone my pathetic mediocrity.

Oh how i will long for vengance against cruel gridcosm, rejector of my sad little ego.

sob cry

no wait nope look i cant tell...i make cool things. someone else must be mistaken.

im just ramling now you know for the reader.

my position and opinions shouldnt be news at this point but.

oh know i typt too much for any one to reply sufficently to everyone of my thoughts fk.

noone could possibly care enough to do so.

or maybe everyone is really cool and its all congnitive dissonence inherent to the system.

youd think someone would know that by now...

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Re: my mock hubris

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i will eat them
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Re: I gridcosm all day.
 Oh  17-04-22 12:52
I gridcosm all day.
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That escalated quickly.
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probly cant trust him tho
 Oh  17-03-07 04:13
and OMG I am the winner.
 Oh  17-03-07 03:50
actually the joke was (COSM SYNCH)
 Oh  17-03-07 03:32
MKC and i have history of sharing movie + music synchs
 Oh  17-03-07 03:22
Re: and actually
 .  17-03-07 01:38
and actually
 Oh  17-03-07 01:10
test results
 Oh  17-03-07 00:50
the thing about the runtime arbitrary is
 Oh  17-03-06 19:11
A case in point: Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon + Robert Palmers 'Simply Irresistable'
 Oh  17-03-06 18:17
That would acctually be plausable deniability wouldnt it?
 Oh  17-03-06 17:22
but meh
 Oh  17-03-06 16:34
"...Christ will come at 10:00"
 Oh  17-03-06 16:01
Re: Thank God for jokes.
 Mike Casey  17-03-06 10:07
Thank God for jokes.
 President Cosmo Blenderson  17-03-06 04:48
Re: hi MKC
 Nata Lukas  17-02-22 08:04
Re: hi MKC
 Mike Casey  17-02-22 07:15
hi MKC
 Nata Lukas  17-02-22 04:58
Re: Beautiful Level!
 Sein und Zeit  17-02-16 01:11
Re: Beautiful Level!
 Nata Lukas  17-02-16 00:14
Beautiful Level!
 .  17-02-15 23:46
Cool gridcosm esque zoom.
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Re: or am i way offbase here idk
 Oh / Brock Lee  17-02-12 21:59
Re: StarPlateV / remember Thunder Trucks?
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 Oh / Brock Lee  17-02-12 20:23
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Re: Be you angles? /Sure
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I found it
 Oh / Brock Lee  17-02-12 07:28
Re: Be you angles? /Sure
 Oh / Brock Lee  17-02-11 02:51
Re: Be you angles? /Sure
 Oh / Brock Lee  17-02-11 02:40
Re: Be you angles?
 noh  17-02-11 01:22
Be you angles?
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Re: Get out of my head YZN
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Re: Get out of my head YZN
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Re: Get out of my head YZN
 Sein und Zeit  17-02-07 21:16
Get out of my head YZN
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Re: 4140
 .  17-02-07 03:38
Re: 4140
 Sein und Zeit  17-02-07 03:30
 Nata Lukas  17-02-07 01:50
Re: YZN Blows Goats?
 Oh / Brock Lee  17-02-04 17:37
YZN Blows Goats?
 Oh / Brock Lee  17-02-04 17:14
Re: YZN loves fruit
 Oh / Brock Lee  17-02-04 01:52
Re: YZN loves fruit
 .  17-02-04 01:38
YZN loves fruit
 Oh / Brock Lee  17-02-04 01:36
SAZ in full on God mode
 Oh / Brock Lee  17-02-04 01:32
Why im dedicating the rest my life to gridcosm wether you like it or not (part 1)
 Oh / Brock Lee  17-02-03 20:25
Re: SAZ 4140 A3 is sick
 Oh / Brock Lee  17-02-03 17:40
Its ok to be jeluss of my awesome
 Oh / Brock Lee  17-02-03 17:05
Dear NLT prickface,
 Oh / Brock Lee  17-02-03 16:23
Talking to NLT all day as i dominate him and gridcosm completley
 Oh / Brock Lee  17-02-03 05:55
Ok i made an awesome C3 for 4140
 Oh / Brock Lee  17-02-03 05:39
Ill just do some fat chicks vagina
 Oh / Brock Lee  17-02-03 05:30
How about a bare breaseted african with tags hangin from her nipples and amchete just lobbing one of the moff?
 Oh / Brock Lee  17-02-03 05:24
I bet YZN has never even drank a moxie
 Oh / Brock Lee  17-02-03 05:14
Re: SAZ 4140 A3 is sick
 Nata Lukas  17-02-03 05:03
SAZ 4140 A3 is sick
 Oh / Brock Lee  17-02-03 04:49
I'd play a square but
 Oh / Brock Lee  17-02-03 03:58
 Oh / Brock Lee  17-02-03 03:49
what else did i have on my mind oh yeah if id sunglasses at night to terminator im totally doing this to it
 Oh / Brock Lee  17-02-03 03:45
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