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by Ed Stastny [oed SITOme] [email Ed Stastny] 2000-01-17 10:12:10 [83]
Do you know what "HyGrid Unplugged" is? It's a process of creating HyGrid pieces with paper, pens, glue, glitter, pencils, crayons and whatever you have laying around. A group of people is physically gathered to scribble on a long strip of paper (we use calculator paper) until every inch of space is representin'. Then you scan it and chop it up into 100x100 squares for mass-pasting to HyGrid. You'll usually need to make a "linker" piece as a bridge from a current HyGrid piece to the handmade bit.

I've personally been in on a half-dozen of these sessions myself, only a few of which have made it to the actual HyGrid. Today, I cut up and uploaded nearly 40 pieces from a HyGrid Unplugged created in late 1998 in Portland.

You can jump right into the middle of it here: ...hygrid?center=syd056.jpg&layout=4

I really love the analog roughness of stained paper. Also, sitting around a table with a bunch of friends, a heap of drawing utensils and mugs of coffee is a lot of fun.

SYD is the ID I'm using for all "HyGrid Unplugged" uploads. If you have some multi-artist unplugged stuff you'd like to upload under SYD, get the pieces to me somehow and we'll set it up.

Even if you are working alone, hand-drawn HyGrid pieces can be a gas. Try it.

Currently, I have an unplugged set from Burning Man 1999 I still need to scan. Also, we have a free-roaming unplugged stuck into the guestbook of a Portland coffeeshop that's continually being added to by its patrons.

Here are some other "unplugged" spots of HyGrid:

...hygrid?center=syd007.jpg (Omaha, 1996)

...hygrid?center=syd103.gif (Omaha, 1996)

I'm going to try to keep all of the unplugged segments attached to one another, perhaps create a whole unplugged "neighborhood" of HyGrid.


Coffeehouse Unplugged MIA..

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blues invasion in a minor
 cjw  14-02-01 09:08
Re: I need to step up my game just a tiny bit
 cjw  14-02-01 09:03
I need to step up my game just a tiny bit
 Mike Huber  13-09-30 18:52
boppin bobs
 Devon Eckstein  13-03-01 15:49
Re: flyin' away
 single random dot  12-02-10 21:15
quacking off
 single random dot  12-02-10 21:12
Re: flyin' away
 Etienne  11-06-03 00:57
flyin' away
 quackling  11-06-02 21:22
Re: Viewer Change
 Thursday  10-11-28 07:22
Re: Viewer Change
 Etienne  10-11-27 03:21
Viewer Change
 Thursday  10-11-26 22:38
Re: This is fun
 Etienne  10-11-15 05:47
This is fun
 Thursday  10-11-15 05:43
Re: Tampo
 guest  09-12-22 09:57
Re: Tampo
 guest  09-12-22 09:57
Re: Tampo
 guest  09-12-22 09:57
Re: It's been a while
 Etienne  09-07-05 22:11
It's been a while
 Mike Huber  09-07-05 21:35
Supposed to be wurmhoel'd....
 beanbag amerika  09-02-08 21:32
Hygrid needs posters!
 Etienne  09-02-07 18:41
 Etienne  09-01-05 01:04
sea in bedroom myart
 Etienne  08-12-09 23:52
 GIOMYART  08-11-13 00:09
We need life in hygrid
 Etienne  08-11-09 15:29
sunset trees
 GIOMYART  08-11-06 19:05
fading to red
 GIOMYART  08-11-06 19:03
the voice
 Jon Van Oast  08-10-29 04:07
Line 300
 Jon Van Oast  08-10-23 06:30
Re: Sunshine for my Sunshine
 Kilbo  08-07-08 20:48
Sunshine for my Sunshine
 Jon Van Oast  08-06-13 06:43
full immersion
 single random dot  08-05-15 14:06
We Go Where We Want To
 Jon Van Oast  07-11-15 06:27
 Jon Van Oast  07-11-15 06:24
 Jon Van Oast  07-11-15 06:23
Sucking on the Cow
 Jon Van Oast  07-11-15 06:22
Portrait of the artist as a young git.
 Nata Lukas  07-10-12 06:06
 guest  07-10-02 13:40
 Jon Van Oast  07-09-03 07:14
Re: new life! live, revive!
 Gordon Schumacher  07-07-12 15:28
Re: new life! live, revive!
 Jon Van Oast  07-07-11 05:20
new life! live, revive!
 Gordon Schumacher  07-07-11 04:44
 Jon Van Oast  07-04-17 07:38
Re: hygrid surge
 Hugh  06-11-13 18:23
Re: hygrid surge
 Jon Van Oast  06-10-31 17:11
Re: hygrid surge
 beanbag amerika  06-10-31 14:38
hygrid surge
 Jon Van Oast  06-10-31 05:39
Gasometers In Love
 Hugh  06-07-15 22:19
Re: stars
 Jon Van Oast  06-05-10 17:17
Re: stars
 Nata Lukas  06-05-10 05:05
Re: stars
 single random dot  06-05-09 18:01
Re: stars
 Jon Van Oast  06-05-09 17:41
 single random dot  06-05-09 11:14
wonderful waters, RAJ!
 Eva Hochreutener - EHO  06-03-15 01:17
fuZSion in a bottle
 Jon Van Oast  06-03-12 23:04
the acid rain's breath
 Jon Van Oast  06-02-06 00:35
six years and 10,000 pixels.
 Jon Van Oast  06-01-24 11:16
the good old days...
 Jon Van Oast  05-11-15 01:58
 Jon Van Oast  05-11-07 17:16
sumo dance!
 Jon Van Oast  05-11-02 11:30
 Jon Van Oast  05-10-27 18:11
 Jon Van Oast  05-08-05 03:29
Re: Tile ended up in wrong position!
 Sein und Zeit  05-01-19 16:26
Re: Tile ended up in wrong position!
 Sein und Zeit  05-01-18 04:55
Re: Tile ended up in wrong position!
 Jon Van Oast  05-01-18 01:22
Tile ended up in wrong position!
 Sein und Zeit  05-01-17 21:04
the year was 1996....
 Jon Van Oast  04-11-28 02:32
nice time lapse!
 Jon Van Oast  04-11-23 03:07
Re: hygrid : how does this works?
 Jon Van Oast  04-11-22 00:47
hygrid : how does this works?
 Just In Time JIT  04-11-21 12:18
Re: good to see an old face
 Jon Van Oast  04-10-20 07:52
Re: good to see an old face
 Martin Goebel  04-10-19 11:26
good to see an old face
 Jon Van Oast  04-10-11 00:27
 Jon Van Oast  04-09-29 06:47
urban decay
 Jon Van Oast  04-08-29 03:50
some life to hygrid
 Jon Van Oast  04-08-26 17:35
the hoel truth
 Jon Van Oast  04-02-19 02:39
hygrid flashback? (was Re: on the nose)
 Jon Van Oast  04-01-31 08:51
 Jon Van Oast  03-12-21 04:59
Re: Excellent blend, dev!
 Devon Eckstein  03-08-19 20:56
Excellent blend, dev!
 Sea Chum Joke  03-08-18 21:06
yto more like wtf am i rite
 Sea Chum Joke  03-08-18 16:51
Re: EHO-grid
 Ed Stastny  03-07-29 23:53
Welcome to HyGrid, WEB!
 Ed Stastny  03-03-12 06:19
Itsy Bitsy HyGrid
 Ed Stastny  03-03-11 00:54
HyGrid and Gridcosm Questionairre
 Ed Stastny  02-06-29 01:54
Re: Do you ever . . .
 Kristen McQuillin  01-10-16 11:10
Re: Do you ever . . .
 Zoo  01-10-16 01:23
Re: abandoned it?
 Paolo Dollorenzo  01-05-30 10:38
Re: abandoned it?
 Eva Hochreutener - EHO  01-05-29 17:05
abandoned it?
 Paolo Dollorenzo  01-05-29 16:36
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