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by Ed Stastny [oed SITOme] [email Ed Stastny] 2001-11-19 23:32:10 [3423]
Exquisite corpses are the inspiration for most of the grid projects on SITO in one way or another. Also, Art Spiegelman's "Narrative Corpse" comic project provided inspiration for SITO's "Impulse Freak" -- -- collaborative monkey comic.

I'd love to participate in an animated exquisite corpse. We actually have something like that on SITO already, please check out SLITHR!

There are so many ways to do it, I'm sure we could make something more elegant. In my "idea notebook", I have sketches for a Flash and Perl based project in which participants animate pre-existing art molecules to create a flowing animation.

Count me in on your project. What are some of your ideas?


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an exquisite corpse

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