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by Oh / Brock Lee [ohk SITOme]  2016-11-17 20:02:43 [36348]
I forgot Kyle M lol.He was like this 22 year old kid who lives in Colorado and used to get drunk everynight and feel bad about his weight. He's into hiphop which gave the 2 black guys slig and kru someone to talk to. He would talk to Astro till early mornings. wondering where his life is going. I told him to get a watch and wear it with pride. i dont think he ever did. He missed his dog. he would call Astro's cats gay all the time lol. talk about asses alot. couldnt use a coputer for sht. I think he plays bass. i though thim and Astro would make a couple but her and Vb snuck off and skypt a whole summer till he sold his harley left canada and moved to new jersy. last i heard they were getting married. Vb got drunk and messaged me that i was the only God he needed and that i should come to the wedding expenses paid i was like. I suppose the wanna give me credit for bringing them together. I really miss abba. he ws the one who started everything. i spent like 2 weeks going on about science and goatsex in tyt chat about how science is the true science and all else are goatsexers. it was some mem level chat sht ppl started immitting. a few days after whwing off cosm to the chat he posts a tinfoil hat goat and after that we spent every waking hour for many too cold winter months all chatting and learning cosm together. i told them that by my own rules i wasnt allowed to play until there was 348 players and we had reached level 4020. so they al came up with picture ideas, i tuaght them how to blend and textiness and pick news times for fun and how to solve gridorders for fun and superstitious wonder and they all stayed at it till i was tagged back in it was the best of times. i always thought they would be drawn in by the cosm addiction and play for the rest of thee lives but really i think you oldtimey sito members are to blame. At least thats one thing JIT doesnt have against him.

but those of you that were here you totally fkn dissapointed me. except SRD he was cool. but mrm was typically mrmy and the ret of you didnt even gvafk

so i dont even want to here it at least JIT has the godamn common courtesy to fkn flamewar the rest of you just kinda shat on my diciples and ruined my guru fun time. And the pain i feel knowing i have to forgive you makes my eyes water.

long live the Cave and the tyt chatters

(sorry i forgot you Kyle lol get a watch!)

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and lets not forget
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