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by Oh / Brock Lee [ohk SITOme]  2017-02-02 21:49:47 [36539]
is there a rule? some despereate need of sitoids for all the ppl lineing up to cosm? did i somehow actually decieve you?

should i articulate that for you really?

I cant do the one man show playing all the parts?

how couls i be so completly non-disingenuos and yet so phony.

geez are you a fellow comic or a heckler?

wheres that file at...

maybe this prepared statement will satisfy you.

whining about multiple sitoid...

on this reality show you can create whatever you want out of any of the materials in this rom..except the camera! except the camera.

oh did i defy your convention?

or are you just offend by your perception of what would be your own proclevity to actually try to fool someone with a disguised account?

oh no i made the most of what was available...i didnt make a distinction between the mediuma and its utilities oh no! i panted the canvas stand along with the canvas im so abusive.

gimmie a break.

atleast i didnt hack anybody and post i love yummy retard-vag pics.

have you seen mrs? whatever

ican do whatever the fk i want unless i cant give me some credit

oh here it is: So there i am, OHK. sort of a general lee jump over a sarlac pit.

(realy just mrrrrrrrrrrrrrm? i gotta be the one guy in cosm history to be stuck with just the one guy? gooooy. "well thsi is not unretarded" lah lah meh im already on an extended cold winter vacation (psychological rehab?) on par with "The Shining"... igues i can always use this mrm as a fkn floatation device. (Fkrbetter not make any sudden moves. Or its on..., Thanks alot MKC, etc) -

"Well, uhhhhh...Lets merrily hold hands and tango str8 faced while we fkn swordfight for all i care!"
And MRM is Antonio Banderas playing a Darth Vader doorman to that drag bar "the Darkside" and im Luke skywalker going
"No im not really like that! over and over every level. "
Im just here to rob the place with the force you dick!
". then its like this weird english opera sht where the younger baritone sings away from the persistant andvances of the older baritone and theres dancing and swort fighting and holding hands and sht lol and we're all pulled right up next to each other in tango with our str8 faces touching at the nose right and MRMvader is all "
...Will you almost KISS ME?" -"NO i will not KISS you! falalalala
" and its a ballet and the tango all at once and we are like both glib and stoic and serios and absurd and holding hands andswordfighting and its potentially hilarious and then we just sort of tango over and like unload boxes from a shipping truck and throw them on a conveyor belt or some shit. Still singing like some fdup english 50's musical robinhood movie the occasional much less verbose verse ho-hum -"
Nothing abouts its Akward." -"NO it is not AKWARD! Please dont make eye CONTACT! tralalalal
" and then just sorta drink coffee in a factory break room at 6am with simple nods and wells and looks at the clock as you daily weave an escape ladder out of your own plucked bodyhairs..."
MRM is hell son. MRM is hell.
" (1940s film weeping, symbolic flowers))

And I figured MRM was bored and sick of me as i was of thim (it was just so boring and ghey) so i being the hilarious comedian I am figured id change it up with the most blatantly obviose overdramafied catfish puppet show ever.

so like ok fine im done! by mrm! it wont even seem suspicios tommorow when 2 new players one with a name almost exactly like mine and other whos name is the phoenetic of "

" show up... lolol it wont even

Enter the disguise of a certified genius: OHS! No one will ever know im clark kenting! LOLOLOLOL and hey where the what the fk!? Someone stole my rightful sitoid THE??!?! Hoe dare they! theif! Don't look now but i lost my shoe! and so THF, the THE sitod plan-b is all "

im such a female i do femaley stuff. have some manners oh my god like seriously blahblah

As i role play a sort of father-mother idealization that undergurds an imaginary romantic couple where the male character OHS is a sort of humanized or normalized Adam-like archtype version or manifestation of the sort of "

in my own image
" construct of the Meglomaniacal Godcomplected egocentric Narcisism that compels and controls me to creat imaginary friends lololololol. (yes my actual serios hyper-intelegent Meglomaniacal Godcomplected egocentric Narcisism created a completely inferior phony cover character version of a codependant Meglomaniacal Godcomplected egocentric Narcisist to channel the creation of an impression of a total fail of an act lolol.

and THF is this quintessential fantasy of the feminine concept not unlike the type one imagines as teh fall to sleep hugging their pillow. Basically all the greek goddesses wrapt up into a barbie doll . kinda like how serpentor on the gi joe cartoon was made from the dna of all of histories conquerors. you can practically hear my cartoony imitating voice behing them. im fucking doing impresions lololol

and OHS is all "

I love her so much i'll fight you! im gettin out of my truck etc and THF is all "leave my boyfriend alone! oh my god!"

right which is commentary juxtoposing majority rule and respect for the individual

and you know they both like such a great couple and team you know see how they complement each other blah its like check out this totally generic hand puppet thing i do lol im a guy me pieces are cool and manly arrg. im a lady i like flowers and love blah blah and oyu sort of laff about how generalized and sterotypical you can be its the kind of joke where the last unimaginable cherry on top that would send yo u into hyper giggle is finding out someone actually believed it for 2 seconds.

the point being to convey right away the hilarious absurdity of the idea that im even capable of perpatrating any deception (especially since i need attention for everything i do! lolol) or that anyone would care so much, especially with a tactic so childish one should be astonished and highly amused at how deviously vacant i must be to seem i dont realize or are in denial that its obviouse to everyone! well..MRM. whoever. lol i made a clearly juxtoposed critique of general confusion, a fake-fake. like halfassed like i want you to know but like..where i really play the part to the point of showing that im playing the part. its funny.

so that i could continue to develop the imaginary characters in order to create panels with different personality. costumes more than a chirade. but the costume comes in a wrapper that says "Chirade - Medium"

you may think im batman but as batman i can never admit that im batman

What would he do wht would she do etc.

soap oprah charactars

i thought it was fun and modal and i tried to tret the characters and like ppl i care about you know. treat them real you know.

its kindof like the anonymous artsists takes on the touring test. an expose on the effects of the internets placebo-truths on ones own cognitive bias, and how potentially manipulatable i am not

anyway it was a comedic ovenglove puppet show that was trying to win an oscar with indy production value.

i was mocking.


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